Heartbroken, Hurt, Confused, Hate Him So Much Now!!

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 4 years on and off and recently i always felt he was cheating with this other girl but he always denied and said no that nothing is going on. recently we were chillin and i was looking through his phone so i had a feelin i should go through his pictures and there i saw pictures of him and the other girl kissing and some of the on the bed!! the album was named " my baby and i" and he had another album of her pictures named " my other half" i asked him why he did this n he kept denyin sayin nothin was goin on n nothin is goin on๐Ÿ˜ like he fully still has the pictures up still and the next dAy he posted it on instagram!!! n i msged him sayin "really?" n hes ignoring it im so confused like why would he cheat on me like this :( my hearts broken into peices i just hate him so much i wish he could die!!!!
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Girllllll.....please LEAVE HIM. Seriously it is not worth the time to deal with that kind of drama. Been there done that and I moved on. Leave and you will be upgraded to a real man. Do it for you

my boyfriend who i was with for 3 years he cheated on me with a girl from his job texting all the time calling also nude pictures being exchanged and videos i was devastated when i found out from her through facebook when she contacted me! Its been 3 months now we have not been together but i cant move on so hurt we didnt talk for 2 months and now this past month he has contacted me but he already has a female friend he hangs out with how can they move on so quick and how can u love me but hangout with someone so i made a decision no more answering his calls or texts instead of going forward it seems i am taking two steps back!

He's very obviously NOT sorry. You should take your pride and leave!

Obviously something IS going on. Find someone who will apprciate having you.

I am so sorry you had to go through this... sweety, he is NOT worth your tears, your time, or anything!karma will get him back for his lies, trust me. in the meantime, do not worry that he isn't responding. he is a horrible person and does not deserve anyone as great as you are. I have recently been through a breakup and I am still recovering. I get depressed and well,it's pretty damn tough. But you will by through this, and most of all, you will get someone who Will be much better,smarter,and truer. sometimes life throws stuff at us so we can appreciate the good moments.