Cheating Conclusion

I have came to the conclusion today that I have two choices.
1-dwell on the past and the fact he cheated on me and keep reliving it
2- trust him. He told me he wouldn't do it again so believe him other wise I lose him

It's hard to get past a unfaithful partner but when he does everything in his power to make u know it wouldn't happen again then it's time to listen and trust! It is the only way I can continue this relationship. And I want to because I love him.

Any one else experience this? I would love feedback because I'm trying hard to do. Number two and I know I can
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This was really comforting to read as i am expericing this myself and am trying my best to work through it! Its hard and it sucks but i hope he will never do it again :(

Everybody is different when handling situations like this. some are weak, and some are strong. certain people handle it in there own way while others tell them otherwise!

im telling you otherwise.....

look at the bigger picture here. Your man cheated ON YOU. He said hes sorry and he will never do it again. first of all, why did he do it in the first place? im sorry but when your INLOVE with someone you cant even bare the thought of doing anything with anyone else and forgetting the person that brings joy and happyness into your life and then causing them such grief. while other things can be forgivable, like lieing fighting/arguments........cheating is just UNforgivable.

How can you be with someone who has done this to you? you love him yes, but time heals all wounds. your head will never forget, therefore your heart will never stop hurting. Think with your head hun, because your heart will heal. Your head will ALWAYS have those thoughts, and what makes you think he will never do it again.......actions speak louder then words.
wouldnt you want to be with someone you only have good thoughts on? someone who makes u happy and relaxed? wouldnt you want this misery to end? and start fresh with someone new who does deserve you?

Im dating a man who cheated on his ex. he was so honest about it, he didnt have to. He hasnt cheated on me, but its always at the back of my head thinking he will do it to me......imagin, when he does. SCREW THAT! i am inlove with him, but i will not be treated like every other girl, so yes, i would walk away, cause i couldnt imagin the stress and agony i would go through after it has ACTUALLY happened. I love myself, and you need to as well, no body should be cheated on, for what ever reason.

(when he cheated on his ex, she forgave him, 2 years later they broke up) forgiveness?? can it really work??

i also found out that my partner, was NOT inlove with her. he loved her, but wasnt inlove. clearly explains why it was so easy for him to just do it. not trying to hurt you, but open your eyes hun. could you actually cheat on him??

i believe that if you want to go with your second choice you should because i understand that once you get attached to someone its hard to let them go for any reason and if you both give it your all it will be easy to see that you made the right personal feelings have always been once they cheat cut them loose...i have a similar story now so my judgement is a little warped i would like you to read mine and tell me what you think

In my opinion I wouldnt go back.What he did to you showed he didnt care for you and now hes using the Im sorry card to make it better.Never will be better you will always remember what he did.Dont you want to be with someone who brings good memories in youre life.

I have been with someone who cheated, and I came to the same conclusion... either we start over and I trust him, or I just end things. I don't want to have to monitor everything he does and worry he is out running around on me. If you can't let it go, then its best to let the relationship go.

It took me a while to realize that cuz I thought I had let go of the past but turns out it was just making our relationship crumble right out from underneath me. I'm still in the process of letting it go and trusting him but like u said u make a choice to continue to let it bother u or u let it go move on and test the person. I have decided to move on and trust him because he's the man I love to death!

Hello I've gone through the same, but he only done it again via nights out & been on a dating site since I started going out with him the 2nd time. My heart is broken & hate the pain. Really did think he meant it this time & after everything that happened took a lot to take him back but I did because I loved him like nothing else. We had a good 12 mths looking at houses again, but then his kids had a go & he an only parent so decided wanted some time with his kids (15 & 20) then heard he on 2 dating sites & actively dating. So think the saying true once a cheater always a cheater, he won't be getting another chance. Good luck with what you decide, I know exactly how u feel so that's why shared my story x

It does hurt and we are both still young him being 22 and me being 23 I am very committed to the relationship and I don't believe once a cheater always a cheater people change and he's made the needed changes for me and its time for me to make the needed changes for him. It's a long process to deal and figure things out with I appreciate u sharing urs:)

Your welcome didnt realise you do young. My ex is 47 & he has cheated a few times not just on me :-(. Good luck I hope it works out for you, it's hard when you really love someone xx