Broken Dreams

my bf and i have been together for a year plus. i took him in when he wsa jobless and had no money. i sacrifced my outings with my friends so we cld have some food on the table. eventually aft several months he got a job n that meant a better future for me. or so i tought. Appearently now when he has a great job and everythin is going on wonderful, while he was drunk he asked his former crush to be his gf and she agreed also knowing that he was drunk. And i had to find all that out from her. He did not have the balls to tell me this. According to him he cant back of out of that relationship cos of guilt, that he had asked her and she said yes (he had been asking her for 6 years n this is the 1st time she said yes) and the fact that she has nvr been in a relationship for the past 5 years. And so just like that i am ditched, like a piece of garbage. He also said that he now "likes" me as opposed to love me and that he has had feelings for her all along and he dd try to change me into her but failed. He also said that he is guilty for doin that to me and thats y he wanted the break up... for god's sake, thats a cowards way out of problems.

i think he is a worthless scum and i deserve better. but i still love him and the hurt is unbearable. And to think that this is the guy who wanted to marry me, his parents were to discuss our future with my parents. And its all gone. all my dreams, all mt hopes.

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5 Responses Nov 16, 2008

You are still a young woman,better off out of it.Its sad the way things turn out at times Better now than dragginng you further down the line with him.<br />
You do deserve a lot better .<br />
Good luck.

This to shall pass and i know that is easier said then done. But honey in time your sorrow will be replaced with joy and you will have someone that deserves to be trusted and loved. <br />
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Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

I agree with BlueGeorgia - what a waste it would have been <br />
<br />
there is a spanish saying "no evil befalls where blessing cannot land soon after"<br />
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In the mist of the hurtful memories look at yourself and begin to love the you that you see in the mirror. If we can love ourselves then it is easy for others to do the same. <br />
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I wish you all the best my dear i have been there done that and new love will clear away the pain - i promise. ;)

There is tons of torment, anger, frustration, hurt and agony tied into this for you. But you must look at this from a different perspective. Try to see this as a blessing like BlueGeorgia said.....if he truly did "love" then would another woman have mattered to him? Would she have been a person to threaten the real that you had? I promise you this is very hard to just "get over" but in the end it is better to know now rather than in the midst of a marriage or pregnancy.<br />
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When you think about it, this is more of a blessing than a bad thing. what if you had married this guy?<br />
What a waste of life that would have been..