It still hurts like day 1. But I think he has cheated on me numerous times, a lot of my friends say I should be use to it now. I can never get use to it and now I am finally thinking about really leaving. It hurts too much and I know I probably deserve better, but my life has been him for 14 years its not that easy. It's gonna be a hard process.
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I wish men could understand how deeply it hurts for us to know that the man we love has been intimate with someone else. I dont think they are wired the same. I couldnt hurt someone like that. i say leave him, I left mine but it still hurts so bad and I still love him.

I say and think that same thing all the time.. if men knew how badly the **** they do hurts us they wouldn't be able to do it. Or if they really understood how much we love them they couldn't possibly want to hurt someone who loves and cares for them more than anything in the world. They truly have completely different emotions because I couldn't live with myself if I put someone through such awful things... but they walk around like its nothing.

Don't allow yourself to hurt for a guy who isent good enough for you, i know its easier said than done but you deserve better than that, dont waste anymore time on him.

I too have been in a relationshio over 12 years recently --- 4 days ago discovered he has been cheating on me with married woman! I was at the my office, I called him on his cell phone he thought he closed his cell, unfortunatley he pressed the wrong button, I heard the whole conversation with her telling her to come and play with him so on & so forth (sexual conversation) ... I could not believe what I was hearing ! I got up from my chair picked up my purse rain to the elevator got in my car and drove straight to his house he was waiting for her outside... he was of croarse stunned to see me there... I told him I heard the whole conversation... he tried to deny also started shouting ' I am so hurt so sad ... He hasn't even tried to call me at all!<br />
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So HURT!<br />

I know this hurts so much and I feel that pain. It's devastating but please don't question your worth. Dump him and never go back. 14 years is a long time but you still have more time in your life to be happy and proud of yourself. It's a shameful, discusting and cruel thing to cheat on someone and he should be ashamed. Stop giving him your life and move on. Make the choice to leave garbage behind. You deserve better. No one deserves to be taken for granted and mentally abused. Be dedicated to yourself NOT a worthless EVIL person.

you have a wonderful life beyond 'just that guy'<br />
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the choice is yours

You need to dump him NOW. he's a sleazy disrespectfull man. and no one ,not even the most skanked out discusting *****, deserves a cheater if he's its the worst thing he could do and you need to leae him and then beautifully flourish with out him just show him how much you dont need him. Itll make him come crawling back and then YOULL be able to reject HIM.