Cheated Right In Front of Me.

I was suspcious anyway.  He's a drummer; good looking, self-centered.  Yeah, right now I won't have a nice thing to say about him, so don't go wondering why I was with him in the first place.  Obviously there was something special; "was" being the operative word.

We came home together from a nice afternoon; a woman comes rolling up in her car.  She jumps out, he jumps out of my driver's seat and goes quickly to her.  Next thing I know, she kisses him in front of me.  Tell me that wasn't deliberate.     He just stood there, looking like an idiot.  Then she went on, asking him what he was doing that afternoon and if he was still going to spend the night at her house that night.  He said "I don't know."  I stood there in shock, quietly listening, like a spectator.  Wanted to see how he handled this, not to mention I was actually kinda enjoying his uncomfortableness.

Afer I had heard enough, I calmly walked to my driver's side, got in, looked him, and calmly told him to never call me again.  He said "I won't."  Just like that.  Coward.  The other woman then opens my passenger car door and starts saying "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start something" or words to that effect.  TWICE she did that.  Twice I calmly told her to shut my door.  At that point, I thought if she does that one more time, I am going to kick her *** between her ears.  I swear, I thought she was going to get into my car.

Meanwhile, numbnuts just stood there, looking stupid. 

I left.  Left a couple post-composured opinionated messages of him on his cell phone that were well deserving such as you are a liar, a cheater and a scumbag (just to name a few), and your tramp girlfriend KNEW....and she played you.  You both deserve each other.  Couple of players.   By the way, HE ACTUALLY WENT TO HER HOUSE AND SPENT THE NIGHT WITH HER!!

At least he has respected my wishes and not called me, thank God.  ONLY respectul thing he has done for me.

Anyway, still angry and hurt.  Please don't tell me someone new will come along.  My trust of men is TOTALLY out the door, forever.  Don't mean I won't be friends; I just will never trust a man again.  Period.  Not interested anymore.  All they REALLY want is just to get laid.

Deela Deela
May 25, 2009