Feeling Broken

My boyfriend and I have been dating 6 months. I'll jump right into it. At the very beginning of our relationship, we were essentially exclusive just didn't have official "titles". We go out to my favorite bar with all our friends, its a great night, until I look over and he's making out with this gorgeous girl I know. I approached him upset, he looks at me looks back at the girl and ignores me (he does claim he was way to drunk and does not remember any of this...). I left immediately. After some very rocky following weeks, I decided to give him another chance, forgive and move forward as he said nothing else happened that night and he went home alone.

A month into our relationship he reveals to me that he did go home with this girl and slept with her. He said he lied because he thought I would never give him another chance. The lie completely broke me. But I still decided to stay with him and try to work through this.

Anyways, now things are not good. I suppressed my feelings of anger, sadness, and betrayal the whole time because I wanted to have a tough exterior. Now I constantly question and interrogate him, get more jealous than I ever would, and feel extremely self-conscious when I go out.

Yes, there are still great aspects to our relationship, but how do I move on? How do I get my self-confidence back? How do I learn to trust again? How do I block out the horrible mental images I have of him with this girl he kicked me to the curb for?

Most likely we will break-up, but for the sake of my mental health, I would really appreciate any feedback, advice, or suggestions.

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3 Responses Jun 27, 2009

He got away with it, you let him, he tells you a month later? Was he afraid you might ask this girl? You won't be able to stay together with that inside. So you have a choice,stay and let that bomb build inside, and one day explode out of knowhere. Two, ask him why he told you a month later.If he say's why are you bringing this up again, then tell him why. You need to get that bomb out of you. It's ticking away, what's it going to be? Whitetiger1132

Dont take him back...you have given this man too many chances and he has seemed to take advantage of you. A relationship is nothing without trust and honesty. Before you can be happy he needs to prove to you that he can and will be trusted and if not then he doesnt need a good person like you in his life. Dont let him tell you lies constantly and constantly...kick him to the curb and find somebody who you know will not lie or cheat. but i do apologize for you having to go through an experience like this. but we learn from alot of the experiences that we go through...just look at it as an learning process

Time heals. Im sorry.