We Wereon A 'break But Instead Of Trying 2 Get Hes Family Back He Was Sleepin With Another!

me and my boyfriend have had a fiery relationship from the start.we have a 8 month old son and i have a son from previous but he has taken on as hes own.

we had a major hard time after my youngest was born after he treated me very badly (volience included) i decided to separate.i had no plans to get back together but i missed him like crazy and still loved him very much.

we made a go at trying again but i then found out he had been seeing and sleeping with another girl in the month we was not together.now the thought of him with her eats me up inside even to the point of haing anxiety attacks everytime i think about it.i had kissed another while we was separated but wouldnt have dreamed of going any further.does this get any better?am i right for taking him back?as pathetic as it sounds this is making my life a misery.

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hi katielouise....i answered your question in Q&A about the violent fight you and your boyfriend had the other night. i was thinking about you when i woke up this a.m. and wanted to contact you. now that i know you have a baby i'm even more concerned for you. i was in an abusive relationship...i had him arrested and when they went to pick him up he accused me of hitting him in the head with a plate and they arrested me too and i spent the night in jail. he totally lied. don't let this happen to you. who will watch your baby if you're in jail? they might even take the baby from you??? if you're having panic attacks now, it will only get worse if he has you arrested too. i lost ten pounds in a month while waiting for my court date. not easy for me to do as i never lose weight! i'm now living alone again without my exboyfriend and sleep much better at night. i hope you will get help and find somewhere safe for you and your children. if you need any help finding resources in your area, let me know and i will research it for you. protect yourself! keep a journal, here on ep in a private blog, of the incidents between you and your boyfriend. if you end up in court with this guy, you'll need to have all the details logged. good luck!

Well for one thing he wont change with the violence. No one can tell you what to do, you have to make that decision for yourself. Its a scary thought alright to leave, but not half the misery you are going through. The heart does heal with time.