He Cheated .. I Found Out The Day He Told Me She Was Pregnant And Only 2 Months Apart From Me!!!

I woke up one morning, not by the usual morning sickness I had been used to, but by the sound of the kitchen table being tossed over! I was soo scared to see my boyfriend like that I just kept asking him to calm down and please tell me what was wrong. Well to my surprise the tears and worries was because he just got the phone call that some girl was pregnant and having his baby!! I never thought he would cheat on me and neither did any of our family or friends .. we were all in tears!! He said it was a one night stand gone wrong .. but long story short I found out one night by looking at his phone (which was something I never did.. it was a female's intuition!!) and calling the number, he was still seeing her.. I found out from her that they had been seeing eachother for a whole year behind my back and I never had a clue! My daughter was born September of 08 and her son was born November of 08. One night I decided it was over and I would like to think it was the turning point.. he swore that night he was changed and it would never happen again, that by almost losing me he has had an EPIPHANY!! Well its a year later and the baby mom is just now beginning to let him see their son, we have been together and happy, but now she won't let him take their son ... he has to be with her!! This girl has started so much already within the last year.. crank calls, still trying to be with him, making things up about me~ I know he has to be there for his son and so I push him to do everything he can ... I just feel the more I push him to be a good dad.. the more I push us further from eachother. I am having a very hard time dealing with him having to be with her inorder to see his son! I dont thinks its ok seeing he cheated on me with her~ I feel so lost and dont know what to do anymore!

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