I Want To Move On But I Keep Thinking Of My Ex Husband

It's been three years. There are times when I just think of him. I want to move on.

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I am 58 yo woman who has been divorced for8 years. I am obsessed with constantly thinking about him. He hurt me bad and I just can't move on.

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I was with my partner for almost 18 years. We never married because I felt nervous about marrying an alcoholic (which he would never admit to being). We had great times together, we raised two girls from other marriages, life was pretty good, except that he drank, and was a poor communicator. He is a good good man, very honest and kind; but a pretty bad drunk who could not control his drinking lifestyle. After 18 years with him, I met another man online (on a video game). I cheated on my partner with this new guy, fell in "love", got caught lying, and then I left. My partner was incredibly devastated, and my family torn apart. A year and a half later I am still with the guy I left him for. I am happy with this guy, my life is finally going the way I have always wanted it to go, and I am being treated much better than I deserve, but I still miss my old partner. I cry almost every day thinking of him; but I know it's the idea of him I miss, the actual man himself - or maybe a hybrid of the two. I forget about the terrible anxiety and fear and resentment I would feel around his drinking and his bad binges. I forget that I felt like a piece of furniture in the house and would go to bed every night at 7:30 PM just to escape the rut and pit of my life. I forget that he was terrible at showing love and affection, and would not talk about our problems or issues, but held everything inside until it came out very badly and cruelly when he was drinking. Everything has changed for the better in my life since I left; yet I miss him like hell, and regret horribly all the pain I have caused him, and can't undo. He is doing okay now, but I still hear his words in my head, they still cause such an ache in my heart, "I thought we would grow old together." I guess I did too, until one day everything changed. Just want to heal, and am not sure how.

<p>I fully understand how you feel I was with my husband for 22 years, separated for 6 years and just divorced a month ago. It does get easier but I too think about my ex husband every day and yet I am in a relationship with a really nice man.</p>

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I have been divorced for five years now. I met my ex at 17, moved in with him at 18 & married him at 20. We were married for almost 21 years and have two children ages 19 & 16. We endured so much together and always managed to come away stronger. Our family suffered through five deaths in less than a year and he began drinking again. Our children were 13 & 11 and struggling with al the death and sadness that surrounded them. Then a student of mine was killed in a horrible car accident and I lost it. I had a nervous breakdown and during my illness also discovered other health issues. As I became stronger I realized that we needed to rebuild what we had been loosing over the years but I went about it all wrong making demands of him and belittling him I guess you could say. I finally pushed too hard and up until the day he left he told me he loved me always had and always would. Now he is remarried and I miss him so much. I never wanted the divorce but he didn't believe me said my actions showed different. He wont talk to me even tries to come between me & our kids. My relationship with them is great and noone knows how I truly feel but it is getting harder and harder to get through each day without him. When I do see him (our daughter just graduated college) he just stares at me even with his wife there. He makes me so uncomfortable. My former brother in law noticed it as well so I know I'm not imagining it. I feel in my heart that we are not done and I cannot let him go. I know I should I know I have to. But I dream of him constantly and living with the regret and pain is becoming unbearable

I've been married for over 10 years, together with my hubby for 19 years - almost half my life! Now he is done, he has moved on, has a new girlfriend and wants nothing to do with my anymore. We are not divorced yet but living together like roommates, he doesn't talk to me if he can avoid it, visits his girlfriend (started as an affair) abroad and even cheats on her with another girl he has been seeing off and on for several years. And while i know he is a cheater, a liar, bad with money, careless about our two sons, I miss our relationship, I miss him, I can't see myself without him and can't move on. I keep hoping that he will come back. But he is happy in his new life. I feel betrayed, discarded, but not mad, just really sad and lonely.

I am in the process of divorce and he's moving out soon. We've been married for 17years and it was love on the first sight. We never been apart from the first day we meet till the day he move out. I try to forget about him but is so difficult because he is the love of my life and I love him so much. I don't want anyone else,I just want him even with all the problems we have,I still praying everyday that one day even in a million years,he will come back to me and I will wait for him.I hope God will grant my wishes

Hi I know exactly how you feel. My ex and I were the same way. I pushed him away and not a day goes by that I don't regret it.

Ive been with my husband for 11 years, married 2.5. We have 3 kids and i love him tremendously.He has cheated on me, so I put him out. A week later, he asked me can he come back and i said no. About a month after, I found out he moved out of state to live with his cousins. He refuses to come back, I've offered to forgive him to save our marriage and for the kids. I'm so hurt, I don't know how to get over this. He wants me to file for divorce. Whenever I call him, he's mean and nasty to me. Hangs up on me etc. a few times he has lied and told me he would come back and didn't. He blames him leaving for good, bc i shouldn't of put him out. I even drove 5 hours to get him, and he lied and wasn't even there. I'm such a good person with a big heart, and I don't understand why he is doing this to me. I need to move on, but can't get over him. Help!

I divorced my ex-husband, because of domestic violence, its been 3 years now almost 4, I had 2 boyfriend, one only lasted 4months, and the one I am in now that is about to be 1 year, when I am with my boyfriend, he makes me happy, and helps me forget the pain, I can be myself and is ok, I love him a lot, but..... when I am alone, I think of my ex-husband (we have a daughter together) and how he is not doing ok, he seems miserable, and had ask me before to try it out with him, even told a lot of people that he wanted me back and that he would do anything, so I hear people tell me a lot: you both make a good couple!, why did you left such a nice guy? (of course they dont know about the DV),. Sometimes I see him ok and happy and that is when I really wish we could have kept that family for our daughter, but sometimes I see him mean and he is full of anger cause I "moved On" and that it reminds me why we divorced. Still I dont miss the insults and put downs but the hugs, kisses, family dates, dinners, movie nights, or just watch him at the beach, and then boyfriend calls and brings me back to my "ok" reality, I just wish I knew how to let go, I feel maybe when I see him with a girlfriend, maybe that would be the date I let him finally go.

I have been away from mine for just over a year and it hurts every day and even more so now all the legal stuff has finalised its what he wished but I hurt for him every evening before i go to bed silent tears fall. <br />
<br />
I was with my husband 2 and half years married but in total 7 years and i miss him desperately :( x

Its been 3 years for me as well, however i dont want to get over him. i feel like we both needed years of growing up because we werent right for eachother then but i think god will bring us back together when it is time. in the mean time i casually date but dont get serious in anyway.

I am in the process of a divorce, mu husband said how special i was, how much he loved me, that I was all he thought of day and night. This was all lies, he is now with another woman 13 years younger than him and saying the same things to her. At Christmas he didn't even but are twin girls who are 3 a present or even a card. But his new girlfriend and her son he did buy for. I feel hurt, and dosent help the hate texts he sends, when he filed for divorce I attempted suicide, which he felt was to get his attention. I am in pieces and feel I will never get over him.

I am in the process of a divorce, mu husband said how special i was, how much he loved me, that I was all he thought of day and night. This was all lies, he is now with another woman 13 years younger than him and saying the same things to her. At Christmas he didn't even but are twin girls who are 3 a present or even a card. But his new girlfriend and her son he did buy for. I feel hurt, and dosent help the hate texts he sends, when he filed for divorce I attempted suicide, which he felt was to get his attention. I am in pieces and feel I will never get over him.

I just left my husband of 10 years six months ago. I met him when I was 18. He's 7 years older than me. I loved him like crazy then and I still love him now. But along the way we started a relationship with another woman that became our third wheel. We both love her but it affected our relationship too much. There are plenty of other factors that I never realized until now, that contributed to me finally cheating on him (well, technically on both of them), and leaving him for the man i am now living with. The man I am with loves me and I love him but I can't stop thinking of my ex. I feel that same hole in my stomach but I can't go back to him since I am still in love with the man I am with. We are both devastated but he says we can't fix things unless I live alone and I'm not sure I want to live alone. I offered to move back home and live in the guest bedroom and go to marriage counseling (admitting I am in love with both my husband and lover), but he said no. That as much as he wanted me back, he couldn't take me back knowing I left him for another man (mind you though he still has casual sex with our ex-gf who is also still my best friend-which all she wants is for us to get back together, but neither one of us will let our pride down to do it. That and I love my guy. Plus I'm pissed at him for having sex with her.) I know it's selfish. It's a super complicated situation, but the depression is killing me on my bad days. I have more good days than bad lately, but I do still have bad days. He will always be the love of my life but we made so many mistakes, starting with the gf. And now all I think is if I go back to him I could miss out on a truly normal relationship with my current guy. I love my guy, but he will never be my ex. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I know the feeling me and my ex-husband has been divorced for 8 years, We both are remarried, but I don't feel in love with my current husband, all I can think about is wanting to be in my ex-husbands life and arms again...Im not happy with my now husband and I'm getting tired of pretending I love him

I Have been divorced for 6 years and still i dream about my ex, and think of him alot almost everyday. He's moved on and has had the same girlfriend for three years. It kills me. The last time we spoke witch was last year he told me to just move on and i thought that's all i needed to hear to get on with my life! but im still here. My ex husband treated me like no one else and till this day i haven't found anyone better witch is so frustrating and lonely. So why did i divorce right? well got married very young and we divorced only after three years i think we where young and lazy didn't want to put in the full effort. I even still carry his last name! talk about crazy right?.

Sperated with my ex husband for 2 1/2 years and then finally dirvoced in 03/2011 which would have be 3 1/2 years waiting around to get divorced.... i have in this time tried to move on and I cant .... Now he is DATEING and it is killing me .... I had to let go on my current boyfriend cause I just cant seem to love ANYONE like i love my EX... he talks to me on a daily basis and says he is my best friend ect but he is TOO mad at me for how we ended but he contiues to check in on my and make sexually euendos to me .... which doesnt not help ....<br />
I feel for all of you ... this is horrible!!!!!

i know how you feel,<br />
i still cry over my ex-husband he tells he has moved on and that crushed me like a broken glass i cant move on it has been 2years <br />
im trapped in my own broken heart...<br />
i cant meet no-one cuz i love my ex

Married to my ex-husband for 7 years, been together for 12 years. Separated for over 1 year. Been divorced for over 1 month.<br />
I can't seem to get over my ex-husband, despite all the verbal and mental abuse & infidelity he put me through. Often told me during arguments that he didn't love me and he only loves our son. I tried so hard to save my marriage, even tried saving it when we were separated, but he still did what he wanted. He disrespected me over and over and over. I know I have to move on for me and my son. I don't want to be a prisoner of my own feelings. <br />
<br />
My ex boyfriend who was my first love before I met my ex-husband is still trying to pursue me. He was diagnosed with mental illness because of his dysfunctional family, the trauma he experienced while he was in the military, and watching his grandfather attempt suicide. He is currently taking medication for it. I do not want to go back to my ex-boyfriend cuz he has so many problems and we wouldn't work out anyway.<br />
<br />
It's better if I'm alone so there's no headaches no arguments no wondering if that person is cheating on you but sometimes it gets lonely because I'm not in a relationship.

same for me

Yes, I know the feeling. It's been 1 1/2 years for me....I have someone else...but the "what could have beens" still haunt me. Leaves me w/ a feeling like....idk.....an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. I can't explain it. But it's like...there'll never be another "him". And it's hard.

Wow. That's how it is here too! Sick to my stomach...and I'm the one who bailed... Ugh.. How are we suppose to know what the right decision is???