My First Wife

She travelled frequently within across the country. Mostly to the south which is where she met her current.. When I remember the phone sex we had it blows ma mind. It was hard living with her but now she's gone and I have since moved on, I find myself thinking of her all the time. Am I strange? Or it it just the sex.?
Justinbear Justinbear
46-50, M
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Had an office party Friday night. Kept thinking about the ex. Went home and was kinda zoned out distant. My wife kept asking if in anything's the matter.. I don't like being like this.

I do not believe you're strange. It's hard to say for sure, as everyone's experiences are a little different. But I sure missed my ex when we first split up. Not having a steady sexual companion is a big blow, too. Be good to yourself, my friend. Things will come around for you.