My ex and I have been broken up for a year now. Loved her deeply and i still feel that i do. While i recognize her faults as well as mine in the relationship I still have this desire to be with her. I believed she was going to be the mother of my children etc... Im dating a new girl now for about 4 months and she really is a great person. Sweet, caring, kind, beautiful, just an amazing heart all around. Makes my heart melt at times due to her kindness. Problem is that i still have feelings for my ex. Im ok with the break up, I think, but she would never give me closure. I feel that not having closure is really screwing me up when it comes to this new relationship. I honestly just dont know what to do. Its not fair to my current girlfriend, but i dont want to leave her because i see potential in us. I guess im just lost and confused. Any advice?
wavelength89 wavelength89
26-30, M
Aug 26, 2014