i was always the fat one so nobody i liked liked me bk as  a liked this boy in particular since i ws 13 and as fate wud av it our paths crossed and we ended up hangin with the same group of friends.but i was still big and he liked my friends not me i was the funny one.but then i lost weight and by tht time i stiil fancied him but was more bothered bout sum otha lad.for this lad i lost weight so hed like me but to no avail then the boy id liked since i was yunga started notice me we got 2getha and i neva experienced such intense feelings coz id know him so long and we were close as friends it was more obssessed really but i finally felt like i fit in when i was with him.we were only together about 7 months and he dumped and to say i tuk it badly wud be a massive understatement lukin bk i did silly things i tuk overdoses and i wudnt do tht now im older uglier and wiser.ive now got kids to somebody and wer on the verge of splitting but i still cant get this boy out of my first love my first everything does any1 else feel this way hes got a girlfriend y cant i move on.
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22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010