Can't Get Over That My Boyfriend Cheated On Me ....

Like all beautiful love stories, my love story was one of its kind. I had a ex-boyfriend who was a casanova & whom I loved so dearly. I trusted his words & eloped with him to another state, as he said that his parents are against our wedding. Very soon after I eloped I learned how he was cheating on me, manipulating & misusing me. We both made false marriage certificate to make our stay safe in the new city. But since our parents had lodged a missing complaint we both were brought back to our homes. Soon he showed that he was least interested in me & started flirting with other girls. I was more than shattered as people in my place started thinking that I am married. Till date my parents too don't even know that it was a false certificate. I never told my parents that I was not married to him as I slept with this person few times. I started keeping away from him & called it a break off. I lost interest in my studies & quit my graduation after completing just the 1st year.Very soon I met this man when I attended an interview - whom I shall refer as Mr.A in my story.. He like fell in love with me the moment he saw me. He proposed to me for marriage, but I said to him the whole truth of my past. He was still ready to take me as his wife, but his parents were against it as they thought I am married & that I had eloped with someone. But we still continued. He was a person who could not get enough of me, loved me so dearly. He loved my simplicity, my eyes & every bit of me. He used to ring me every now & then. Our relationship got intimate within few months. We started sharing bed. Believe me love making with him was the best experience of my life. He said each bit of his past. He had a girlfriend who dumped him. He had slept with her for four years. But she got married & went to Australia. Mr. A very soon joined media & it was since then that I started seeing changes in him. 2 years went by & he had become a busy man with many females around in his work place. He was posted to another place from his office which was very far from place. Initial days there were good soon this female landed in his life. I would refer her as Ms.B. Now things actually changed. He became so rude with me. He never left me but gave me options to leave his life. Ms.B belonged to another religion but that did not matter to Mr.A. I soon got to understand that he has started sleeping with her. She was a media lady very fast & would wear all shortest possible clothes. But me, I was not into that kind of costumes. Whenever he used to talk to me he would tell only about her, her style etc. Ms.B was just 5 feet, A tone fairer than me, totally stylish. I on the other hand was a quiet female, 5.6 feet, But like her I never used to portray attitude. Life just went on, he would visit twice in a month. Mr.A returned back after 6 months. I was very sure that he was staying with her but could do nothing. Even after getting back nothing changed. He stopped talking to me in the night & I like a fool just would buy his reasons. Soon I discovered he would talk to her in the night. Ms.B lived in another state. Now the situations got even worse, Mr. A would say that he would take Ms.B as his first wife & then divorce her & marry me. I never agreed & now it confirmed that he wanted to get rid of me. I loved him more than myself. He would use abusive language, would ridicule & insult sex with me. He no longer loved me or my face. One fine day the worst happened. Ms.B called me and told me that Mr.A has made a reservation in a hotel for both of them & that I should quit from their lives. She said to me the whole thing that went on between them. Mr. A on the other hand had lied to me that he is going out of station for a training & like always I trusted Him. I called him the next moment & he confessed his affair with her, that he had started loving her, & worried about her health ( Ms.B had a disorder. Her blood used to get infected or clots would get formed, she would low BP attacks & would get menses thrice a month. In spite of all these she would appear normal). He said that she was very horny on bed & I never performed like her while on bed. He said that she would make him laugh & time would just flee when with her. When I asked him as to how many times he slept with her, he replied say just 10-15 times, while I knew it was in hundreds. But said sorry & told me that he was just flirting with her till we get married & that he would leave her after marriage. He called Ms.B & nagged her but she told him that she never called me & that I was lying. The worst part is Ms.B never knew about me. She too was played like me. She very soon moved out of his life & Mr.A wanted her to confess that she called me & said to me everything. Even after she left Mr.A was lost in her thoughts. I tried all ways to impress him but she was still on his mind. He said that he would not have got involved with her, but he got very lonely and was very far completing my graduation which was discontinued, & that she too was very lonely, wanted company, & since she started living with him he was not able to forget her. While on the other hand, I have never ever spent a night or a whole day with him. Soon he was back to normal but still tried contacting her. One day I happened to see his messages where in he had clearly mentioned that he his not able to forget her. He also wanted to know whether she was single or a boyfriend. Along with that I got to see his BBM where in all horny chats between Mr.A & Ms.B existed. Once year has passed but everyday I think of what he did to me, whenever he makes love with me I imagine Ms.B with him. Please help me I cant stop my thinking & overcome my past. He belongs only to me now & the next year we are getting married. Please guide me as to how i impress him on bed, how do I always keep him away from all females, what can I do that he can love me & only me. How do I confirm that he has forgotten her. Please give me tuitions as to how do I look & dress attractively. How can I b Ms.B because I love him & I can die for him. What can i do that he gets crazy about me. Please have pity on me. Please help me. I am an Indian. I have even compared myself with her & I am darn sure I look better than her. Your help is needed. Please help me. :(
Jasrah Jasrah
22-25, F
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I am in India Can counsel you. Where are you from?

Your story is sad...I feel for you! I am going through a similiar situation so I can say first hand..Cheating is sooooooooooooooooo hard to get over and don't know how to get over it myself.You can read some books and search online for ways to spice up your sex life.But he should love you for you and if he does not want to be with you,LEAVE HIM!