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I met him when I was 11 years old. Fell instantly in love with him. And it was mutual. We were inseparable for two years. Then High school happened and I was still in elementary school so we didn't get to see so much of each other but we still loved. We decided that, no matter what, when we were 18, we would start dating for real and then get married at 21. We had it all planned out. Then his family moved to another city and I didn't see him for a couple of years. Six days after my 18th birthday, I married someone else. (Alright I was stupid) Three weeks after I got married, he called. Wanted to put our plan into action. I thought he had forgotten about our childhood promise. But I was pregnant and married and he said he understood, but asked if he could call and see me and keep our friendship. He did. We did. By the time my marriage ended in disaster, he was married to someone else. By the time his marriage ended in disaster, I was in another commited relationship. By the time that ended, he was remarried.

Well, he is still married to that one. And I am really happy for him. She is perfect for him. They have a strong marriage. I visit them occasionally. He is still my best friend. And I am still passionately in love with him. He and his wife are both aware that for me his is "the one that got away". Fifty-five years of loving him. I don't think I am going to get over him. Nor do I want to. I love him. It is that simple.

BTW, in case anyone cares. He is not a cheat, and neither am I, so their marriage is solid. The love is still there, though. It has just mellowed into a deep and lasting friendship. But we never touch each other when there are no other people around. Even now, we can feel the passion flare when we do touch, so we avoid the temptation. Yup, we are 67 years old and still feel that old spark.
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Thank you for reading my story dorobo, It is a nice story, I know, but I often look back on my life and wonder "what if?" On the other hand, I know that I have a bad track record with keeping relationships going, (I make bad judgment calls but that is another story, or a couple dozen of them) and I think that if we had gotten together and the relationship failed, I wouldn't have this wonderful friendship that I place so much value on. I have one other male friend that I have known since we were in the fourth grade together. We were never "in love" never a couple. Just best buddies for many years until we both moved to other cities at opposite ends of the country. Since that happened, nearly forty years ago, we haven't seen each other, but we still talk on the phone 2 or 3 times a year. It is enough to catch up on what's going on and to say "I love you" He once asked me why we never got together, seeing as we were what he calls soul mates. I told him we never fell in love, so that we could continue to just LOVE. We have both had several failed relationships and are not friends with our ex's but we don't have any bad history, so we are free to love each other without any reservations. I never think of him as the one who got away. I just think of him as BOB, my friend and soul mate. <br />
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Thanks for the compliment, but I am not a good enough writer to be able to write a novel. I am too scatter brained to write anything comprehensive enough to hold a readers interest for more than a few minutes.

Well, I have posted the story now, so we will see. I titled it fall down...go boom.

Thanks, SB. I like you too. Wait, until you read about my fall. Then we will see how classy you think I am.

Thank you, Garvan. I am proud and happy to have you as a friend too.

This story of pure true love is tragic yet beautiful enrolled into one.It demonstrates my feelings about your morals and character,pure perfection,My admiration and respect for you grows day by day.A wonderful lady,I am so proud and privileged to be able to call you my friend.

Thanks Mystik. I get all you are saying. And believe me, if we haven't cheated yet, we are not about to begin. We love each other, but we both also love his wife. She is a kind, loving and trusting soul. They live 300 miles away from where I live, and I see them rarely, but she( knowing how I feel about her husband and he about me) welcomes me into her with grace and warmth. Cheating on her would be like kicking a kitten. Nasty. Besides, the beautiful thing about our love is its absolute purity. It burns brightly, because we have never used up whatever fuels it. The spark feels good. Warm and comfortable. Like old cozy slippers. I love him completely. Without reservation and without jealousy. And his wife knows we had our opportunity years ago and never took it. I don't wear out my welcome with her either. I go every few years and stay two days. Always on a weekend, when she is home. Neither of us want to cause her any distress or give her any reason to doubt. We have had 55 years to practice this; we have it down to an art. We love!! and would never do anything to soil that.