Is It True Love?

I met him 3 years back and we broke up a lot of times between those years.....we wouldnt talk for months...we both eventually even dated many other people but somehow everytime i needed help or he needed help or we were too sick of life we would accidently meet up or something! im not kidding.....

Our most recent and I suppose final breakup took place a few months back...and it seemed serious enough but now after these months im running into him and he runs into me and no matter what went wrong or what we are now whch is not a couple we meet eachother with love and consider eachother pillars of this love???

and being the hopeless romantic i am i dwelled on many romantic endavours, major ones little ones...they all took a part of me...made me who i am, stronger, better, experienced...

but after everything, moving out of my house, getting a great job, getting off high drug abuse....i immediatly drifted back to him. i started meeting him after work at his college, we talked and laughed and joked around as if nothing had happened, and when we sense we might fall in love bang into again, we move a little back..though it helps only for a while....i know he loves me again, but there is no future....dont ask why...lets just say being bipoar isnt great to a relationship. :)   my luck.


I love him, he loves me too...reality kicks in and we stop calling and let the pain begin, where i am only a escape into a wonderful past, never a solid gilfriend.

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1 Response Jun 5, 2008

i can't say much in the way of relationships with men just now... but I'll tell ya girl.. i hear ya