My Brother Has A Bestfriend ... Im In Love With Him..

Ok so the tittle says it all , So this guy whos the bestie of my bro stays in my house a lot ... he kinda leaves with us.. Behind all the story all we been throught we fight a lot ive cried when he tell me mean things it was horrible back then .. we know each other like 7 years but we been pretty close around a year since he stays over .. 5 months ago he said to me hes sorry for all he done to me, ok he said's so a lot , he sounded pretty serious this time so i believe him. Weeks later he took me by surprise and kissed me it was so chocking becuz we are kinda like brothers.. So i pushed him back and almost slap him but he kept kissing me.. I know huh i was kinda weak. He said sorry for kissing but dint mean it ,he wanted more.. I just dint know what to do or say o_O i was in blank ! So he said '' Ok after all this time i felt sometime real strong for you like an attraction , so all this time he wanted me to be his girlFriend .. Creepy huh..!? well i always thought hes cute oh well well heck of handsome ! So he explained to me why he wouldnt ask to date him .. He told me he dint because if we been together my mom would never let him stay.. He would be pretty upset as well.. So we keep it a secret i cant believe i did this but we kept kissing and all that everyday for 3 weeks o.O of course what a great kisser ! :3 But oh no we dint do anything dirty or really wrong no i dint he wanted to but i was scared.. My mom never find out or my brother thank God! after all that we stop doin it .. This is the worst part he met someone new and guess what they are dating still ! D: ive tried to forget about him but i still have feelings and care for him.. ! all this time i thought he din't but now that we go to school together hes always by my side he helps me all the time when im sad,happy or seem worried he notices it, Everyday tells me he loves me and kisses my forhead and hugs me & try to cheer me up .. and same time he wanna be with his girlfriend.. I actually met her shes awesome really nice and talented ! Good thing i dont hate her or get jelous .. :] But behind all this i deeply feel intense love for him ! ♥ If your wondering im 17 and his 15 OMG! but hes really mature for his age :P Ahhh i need your opinion please ! ? ! ? !

Im pretty young to be in love or i dont know what i feel Help ! ! !
TemariUchiha TemariUchiha
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2012