Him, The Moon, The Sun

Stop telling me to move on,
Tell the Moon to move on, Tell the Sun to move on, Tell them to sail away across the universe, cuz nothing is gonna change my world, really nothing is gonna change my world if images of their lights before my eyes keep calling me on and on! Please sail across the universe!

Once upon a time a boy with sunset in his eyes, on the beach sitting, I put my hand in his and said make a wish while its sunset, he said is this true, I replied yes its kinda legend saying that if you make a wish during sunset it comes true, its time to say goodbye to the sun, its like a new beginning. Till the moon sails into his eyes at night, when he holds me closer I tell him, I can never forget about you when you are away, cuz I have always the moon in the sky reminding me of you, My lover's planet is the moon.

Now that was a long time ago, everyday I look at the sun from my window, watching the sun set so low, telling me that it's time, it's my time to remember, though the day is to end, nobody cries as it leaves but it's my time to cry, and wish another day with him, but now he has gone, with each day watching sunset the world turns away from my arms.

It doesn't take long to find him again, cuz now each night when am alone and miss him, when sunset turns to the moon, I see the face of someone whom I loved night after night. I see how the moon sits in the sky, and I sit down and try talking to you, and wish you are on the other side talking to me too, and what am thinking about him no body knows, nobody hears, and am breathing deeply, I've got the moon in my soul.

With thoughts of him, I can never forget, I can never move on, now isn't he in the day and night, now isn't he all around, the world spins for him, I long to be a part of him, just give me a Ticket to the Sun, Ticket to the Moon, am heading for the sun, am heading for the moon, I've been looking up the sky for so long, longing for him.

Just don't tell me to move on, or forget about him, move the Moon, move the Sun, or just tell them to sail across the universe!
Ambrokenallover Ambrokenallover
26-30, F
Nov 8, 2012