Just When I Think I Was Getting Over Him...

lately i have been doing better about getting over my ex (i still love him like an effing lot) but today...today just TOPPED the cake for real. like he still texts me when he wants to and everything and you know. im not going to be mean. so i text back. well today i get a text. it says "i joined the navy" and all i could do whas break down. all the emotions i thought i had lost, came back in one big blow. since then i havent been able to get him out of my mind. i have always known his hopes and dreams from when we dated. so i knew he was excited. so i was happy for him. and i mean i am but...idk its all just a big flashback to everything we had planned for..all the **** (excuse my french) we had been through. and now i have to hear about him sharng it with someone else..




*whoever reads this.. please dont judge me. thanks

Sbeezyy Sbeezyy
18-21, F
Nov 20, 2009