Im Over Your Bull.

I couldnt get over him.. for 10 months and 16 days. But hey i stopped counting the days because guess what im over you. I. AM. OVER. YOU!
im not going to say i loved him, but i did love everything little thing about you. And now i just think why? You didn't treat me any more special than the next, you didn't go out of your way for me, you weren't even naturally a nice person. The only things that made me get over you were when you hooked up with that girl. I had been waiting for that girl to be, and when it turned out that it wasnt me i knew that it wasnt meant to be. I realised that i didn't need you and that there are so many people in this world who will one day not only need me but also want me. You aren't my perfect guy you were simply an infatuation in my mind. Im no longer going to crave you because when i see you my heart doesnt beat a thousand miles i really just think it could of happened and it didnt. It didn't for a reason, and now i see that that is for the best. You are not what i thought you really were you, my mind made up so much more that you aren't. My mind tried to fill in the blanks. and really the blanks were just missing pieces in your personality.

Sometimes i let my mind wonder towards you but i know that you aren't the one for me because you are something at all. My only fear now is that you ever do change your mind i know that i wouldnt be able to help myself.
But its for the better, and the only way that i could have gotten oveer you is by you hurting me. so well done.
kayla13 kayla13
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010