I Dont Know What T Do Or Whats Wrong With Me.....!!!!!!!!!

Well my name is diana im married my husband is in the Marines. i have been with him for about 4 years 1/2...... im 19 ...me and him started having intercourse when i was 16 he was 17 ...well since my period started it was always irregular with time it got a bit better but we never ever use protection and i never got pregnant...now that im married i would love to have a baby but how can i when i dont even know whats wrong with .....last year i went to a doctor and he diagnoed me with polycystic ovary syndrome ...he said there should be no problem with me getting pregnant...but here i am a year later and im still not pregnant ...i cant keep up with my ovulation bcause i dont know when its happening ......this is hard for me ...i have an ant who had the same thing as me but she was treated in mexico ..now she has 3 kids and that gives me hope but i feel that doctors are just not doing enough for me.. they all just want me to get on birth control to regulate my period but they give me so much pain...i just dnt know what to do ....does anyone kind of have the same thing going on? does anyone have any idea what i can do or about a good doctor i can go to get help from....?????? =(
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I have been in the same situation my husband and have been together 4 1/2 yrs and couple years ago I tried clomid and was able to get pregnant but had a miscarriage @12weeks. Since then we haven't tried again.but rhere is hope.

Hey! Have u tried chinese medicine? <br />
Once i listened to a talk about pregnancy, the young lady studied chinese medicine told me that western medi always hurt your body instead of making it stronger.but if your body is not 'strong' enough, ( chinese use the word strong instead of healthy) you can't get pregnant.<br />
You are still young, if you really wanna have babies, i think you should try. Chinese medicine is to help your body maintain a balance, or you can say restore the homeostasis. Chinese believe that when your body is at that state, you are the healthiest.<br />
But u have to bear in mind chi medicine is bitter in taste and with a strange smell that many people <br />
hate.<br />
Hope that help you.

Hi<br />
<br />
Several issues that I can think of comes to mind.<br />
Number 1. If you want a baby you and your husband shall start praying for. Yes, I speak as christian..and I do believe that children are the gift from God.<br />
<br />
Number 2. On the purely human level... you and your husband may have INCOMPTAIBLE chemistry of your bodies. I think checking out your and your husbands body acidicy will give you clue. It is known fact that then man's body is TOO asidic, it will kill the seed...<br />
<br />
Number 3. Some years ago I have come accross an electronic device that was made in Japan that very precisely measured woman's ovulation. It was called "SOPHIA" If you interested I will try to find who the manufacturer was....it may help.<br />
<br />
Number 4. Using any drug could be risky because eveyone body chemistry is different: when you use drug you really taking chances and you never know what are long term effects.<br />
<br />
Number 5. Remember, you have one body. If you ruin it in any way....you may never have children. In my opinion drugs may be too risky since you are so young (19). Of course, I am not giving you any medical advice --- I am just point out some risk that may or may not exist.<br />
<br />
Good luck,,,<br />
WJonathan<br />
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I do have PCOS and I do know a little bit about it. You need to see a OB/GYN if you want to try the medical way to having kids (as opposed to alternative treatments like naturopathy). I was prescribed Clomid, and had pathology tests arranged. I never did the pathology (because the Clomid screwed with my hormones in a way I wasn't expecting and caught me off guard).<br />
<br />
I'm about to go back and see the specialist again, and will hopefully be put back on Clomid (now I know what I'm in for), but you should know you could be tried with other meds first.<br />
<br />
Apart from that I'll share with you what every person told me when I first started talking about having a baby - live your life first. Jus think about all that you do now, how easy it is to go away for a weekend and whatnot, then think about how that will change when you have a baby.<br />
<br />
Good luck, and feel free to message me if you like.

girl trust me I thought I couldnt get pregnant and what do you know..i have a 3 month old now! shawn and I had never really used protection and we had been together and had intercourse with each other for a couple years..i mean it will happen trust me!!

Hmm, I don't know a lot about PCOS, but I think some women who have it use the drug Clomid. It's supposed to help with ovulation. Try typing Clomid in your search engine. And also Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I'm sure you can find something there that will help. Another doctor's opinion sounds like a good idea.