i was due on my period on the 14th january, and i was told by my nurse not to start my pill in till the first day that i come on,because there was a possibility that i could be pregnant, however i did not come on my period till 16th so i took the pill for 2 days, my period was really light to start with then it got heavier and now i have nothing this lasted for 2 days, i have now stopped bleeding, i had unprotected sex on 1st january, i have sore boobs, & my nipples have darkened, what could this mean can someone please help me?
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Your an *** for posting that on here

Just because you had unprotected sex once and did not get pregnant... It doesn't mean you are infertile. Just keep taking the pill when your ready for kids then have kids. I'm guessing you are quite young? Periods are funny things they can vary so don't worry too much about how light or heavy they are of if you are a few days late. There is always a possibility of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex so be careful!