I Have One Month Left to Try...

We have been trying for months , my husband is about to deploy in a few weeks , we have one cycle maybe two depending on if AF is on time and his deployment doesn't get moved up.

I am going to try this tea , and a pill and pressed lube...

and the roommate we are helping to support just found out she is "Dealing" with a pregnancy because she forgot to get her BC....

and she is gonna be living with me while our husbands deploy and  I am going to die watching her live out my dream

and with our medical coverage I have to be trying for a full 18 months :( if your in the military you know you never have a full 18 months :( 

I feel hopeless

I'm only 20 shouldn't it have happened :(

ttc 13 month ( with a few months missing)

mrsusmc mrsusmc
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 29, 2009

wow! i understand too! my husband is deploying in 4 months and i havent been to the doctor yet to figure out why i my body wont accept it. and with myself being a military wife, i know its really hard to plan and do things like this because of it. i feel helpless too because im young like you and it seems to happen to a lot of other girls our age and we blame ourselves for it.