Can Music Save The World?

i use music to kick start my day.  i love it and i need it.  I really think that music could play an important role in saving the world.  I thought the movie MARS ATTACKS was so hilarious.  It was so typical of how we, people, are. we are so  wanting to have peace and assuming that the enemy wants the same.  No human can understand why the martians just keep killing everybody.  The humans keep trying to make a peace treaty and the martians pretend to go along and  the humans fall for their act over and over again.  It doesn’t sound that funny, you have to watch it.  It has a lot of cool and unexpected actors in it;  jack nicholson, michaeal j fox, tom jones, Jessica sarah parker, glenn close, pierce Bronson.  But the best thing is the ending.  The martians are finally driven away when its discovered that loud blue grass music blows their heads apart.  This is very fitting because anyone who loves music could not be war mongers like the martians in mars attacks.
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3 Responses May 7, 2011

Ack...ack...ack...ack. That was a great movie.

When I was in Boarding School and feeling kicked to the curb. they had a extra awful loud 7am wake up bell. I could only move to turn on and up to '10' Aretha Franklin's "Respect" before actually rolling out into the 'not having to think about cloths' (wonderful kinda) uniform and drag my teen age bum to to to ....breakfast, yep, I'm pretty sure they called it that.
Love you
Oh yes and I was married for 36 yrs to a working musical instrument, I call, beloved. He truly healed me. So my answer is ...oh yes, yes, yes!!!
If we were all in agreement,
tho' allowed to be different.


I enjoyed reading this very much! Many Blessings.....:)