I love music - i love listening to music and i love playing music! I cannot go one day without is partly a habit (i have played music almost every day for the last 20 years) and partly it is just that i can lose myself when i practice - it doesn't matter how i feel music always makes me feel better. When i am doing nothing or cleaning or writing i always have music amazes me sometimes how mood altering music can be.

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In the same vein, & in my humble opinion; drummers (like myself) also must have music to exist! <br />
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The draw back is the constant tapping of my fingers everywhere I go, & much to my wife's chagrin at certain times / situations.<br />
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I am so very guilty of "zoning out" when hearing some fine tune w/ a funky back-beat! It is really quite rude actually.

I have different playlists for different activities. Music is my constant companian. I've got a playlist for the shower, for riding my bike, for yoga, for driving both long and short distances lol the list goes on. All my tattoos have to do with music becuase that's the one thing in life I don't ever see changing. I'm not sure how long I've gone without music but I know it wasn't a week. I broke my ipod once had no cd pla<x>yer and so I dipped into my savings for a new one. I felt that was a justifiable emergency :D

I love to hear music better then T.V And it helps me get though the night.<br />
Have lot of records and cds .<br />
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Funny - I keep humming the Wizard of Oz tune too!! :)

Mood altering'll make you cry or soar. It is truly a medium between soul and spirit. I heard someone say that when you sing it is impossible to I sing all th bloody time...and sometimes I get those thousands of miles away hooked on the Wizard of OZ theme **wink** ....keep your chin up, beautiful girl!

Its the one thing i hate about holidays - my instrument is way too big to bring along...i usually bring my mouthpiece and buzz but its not the same. At least i can bring music to listen to on holidays - i know i couldn't survive a whole week with absolutely no music!!!

No kidding! I've gone without music before (not by choice of course) & I wanted to gouge my eyes out after a week. I even started singing to myself just to hear a tune. It was nuts!