Operatic Singer Without Studying Opera

I know that all of you will say it can't be but i tell you yes that's me my name is yussra i am living in riyadh saudi arabia and here we don't study music at all but since i was a child i was sing and my voice was very beautiful but when i become 16 years old i had anorexia and i lost my confidence in every thing so i stopped sing but 3 years ago i fall in love with the opera and i started to sing and practice by my won and my voice is nice for someone never studied music how about opera i wish i could have a chance to study music abroad i remember one day a dear friend told me sing your body will heal i think she is right i started to recover and my cofidence is reaching sky limits i can say that music saved my life and i don't know any thing about it
yoyogame yoyogame
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2013