This Has Been Confirmed ;>

The day my mp3 broke was the worst day of my life - discounting family, friends and school-related incidences. I was absolutely heartbroken, and spent the rest of the afternoon sobbing in my room. My poor 'rents thought I had failed a test or something, I was bawling so hard. When they found out the reason, I was blasted for "making a big deal out of nothing" - but it was a catastrophe! T.T

The next morning at the bus station, I was seriously miserable. I had no music whatsoever, and was wallowing in self-pity/self-hatred. It got really bad, with me playing the music in my head and yet hearing at the same time the yabber of other ppl, [mainly my fellow students who whooped and shrieked like it was the end of school forever] which would have normally been quite blocked out. I started getting a bad headache - adding to my misery. My friends laughed at me and my "withdrawal symptoms" - everywhere I went, I usually had at least an earphone in. I only made it through that day b/c the first thing I did at school was head straight for the library and stick my USB in - which luckily had mostly music on it! I spent the next hour listening to my beloved music and filling up my juices for the day!

As it was my second mp3 that I had broken, no way could I expect to get another soon to replace it. Argh, the horror of the next 2 days! I snapped out of the shock soon though, to remember there was one other option...the discman! I found it after a few minutes of frantic scrabbling through the cupboard, and lots of cursing under my breath. And that is how I live without an mp3 each day, so far. The discman is terrible in that being so old, it is unbelieveably sensitive to the slightest tremor, and will jump/pause/stop entirely! I already carry my bag around to every class, and so I just pop it in there and have the earphones coming out of the top of bag and into my ear. However, every time I sit down, get up, move something around in the bag, push the keyrings on top of it inside my bag, get bumped by another, bump my bag against another/some object, put it in, take it out, place it on a table, have a book put on the table, have the table bumped by someone, etc., it is shocked into a momentary 6s lull or utter halt. I tell you, it is a tiresome thing having to turn it on almost every time I move, and sometimes when I haven't even moved myself.

I'm looking for an mp3 on Ebay right now, but all the ones I want [8GB flash - better safe than sorry this time!] are too pricey, considering it's the third mp3 I'd be getting. Some of the $60 ones are admittedly cheap, but they come from China and only accept PayPal. I am way too scared to risk that much. I don't want to buy just any old mp3 that is cheap. I really want this third mp3 to be the last I buy for at least five years. My first lasted just over a year and my second [which was second hand, incidentally] broke within months. Argh!! I hope I will find one soon, as I will have to tolerate the discman until I can muster the money to catch up to technology again! =P

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Whoa, just had a look again - what a ramble! ;>

haha that so sad i would save up to buy a new one and try really hard not to break it lol