I Cannot Handle My Life Anymore

I cannot handle this. I had probably the worst day of my life, the thing is I have to subject myself to this for the next months. I am so suicidal right now. I thought something good might FINALLY happen in my life. Things is I was ******* kidding myself. It's always bad and it's getting worse. I cannot deal with this ****. I want to stop being ****** over, I cannot ******* handle this!!!! Why me? I should have ended my life when I had the chance and everything was set out perfectly. What an idiot. Now you're paying.

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22-25, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Listen, God never gives a person more than they can handle. I myself am feeling suicidal and it's not an easy thing for me to admit, but I go into these emotions in phases and when things get better I am always glad I was not reckless enough to end it. Things always get better; just hang in there.