Is There Something Wrong With Me

I finally got a good job. at my 90 day review they told me i make too many mistakes . mistakes cant be made because its dealing with peoples eyes at an eye clinic. just the simple fact that i knew that, made me make mistakes. why when something is important it freaks me out to the point i cant think straight. its like i cant handle being responsible if something goes wrong. I could never be a nurse or doctor . someone could tell me give the patient the medicine in the red bottle , not the blue bottle that will kill them . i would give the patient the medicine that would kill them with an alergic reaction. due to the fact that i would be so nervous i would do the totally wrong thing. i would think about it way too much. and i would totally panic . my nervousness made me lose my job. its like i cant handle responsibility and i can handle a job where someones welfare is on your hands. how do some people thrive on that and i crumble.  i literally flatline.

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3 Responses Nov 10, 2009

I have the same problems, but due to me being so obsessive I usually catch and fix my mistakes before my superiors notice them. I, too, work in the medical field and have to be extremely careful to not make mistakes.
The problem is far worse when I have other added stress in my life outside of work, such as relationship troubles (or doubts, I should say.) Things have recently gotten more stressful at work, too, because they recently fired a coworker for incompetence and poor work ethic, which puts added stress on me as I struggle to pick up the slack with my excessive checking and re-checking behavior really starting to slow me down lately.
I truly do feel for you!

I totally hear you. I just got a job, and they are about two minutes away from firing me. They like my personality but they say I make too many mistakes, and I know I am, and I know it's my nerves...******* nerves will get you everytime. When I get nervous, I force myself to slow down, and focus like no tomorrow. You can overcome this. I did. But it does come back if you aren't vigilant about it. It's like who's gonna win? You or your nerves? Tell the nerves to back the **** down, that you are in control. Don't give up. I know exactly what you are going through. But you can master your nerves, and learn to concentrate. You may fail, even doing that, but eventually you will get it. If you don't give up!!!

Dude, me too. I can't handle any pressure. It totally sucks. If anything can go wrong it seems like too much of a risk. I think, for me, it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm the youngest in my family and people always did everything for me. And then one day they just stopped and expected me to do everything myself. So now I'm struggling, trying to be an adult and live in the world the way I want to but I totally crumble under pressure. I'm too afraid of failure to try anything worthwhile. It's like I've failed to launch. =[