I'm Drama-free

Yeah, my life pretty much has no drama any more, which is great!

I still have to deal with some drama from my friends though. Before I realized I was gay, I tried to be with girls, but this was at the age when girls are clingy, needy drama queens. Every girl I ever associated with was depressed every other day and started crying because nothing was wrong. I always dealt with it very well. Yeah, I'm great at handling drama because I'm objective, yet comforting. I can find a solution, yet I don't immediately shove people away when they are stubbornly depressed.

More recently I talk to a lot of other guys who have shaky relationships with their boyfriends, and I try to tell them what needs to happen to make for a healthier relationship, but I also try to be there for them because they are dealing with negative emotions...

Long story short, I would probably make an okay therapist, but I hate when people don't understand how to get along like I do.
JackBond1234 JackBond1234
18-21, M
Mar 18, 2012