It's Sometimes Hard to Be An Ex-smoker

For a lot of years, my social life has been spent mostly with my Mom and sisters.  The whole bunch of us smoked like chimneys, and often drank beer while we were at it.

I quit smoking about 7 months ago, and I just don't enjoy being around the people I love the best in the world anymore.

The smell of the smoke almost makes me nauseated, however, I'm tempted to fire one up in self defense.  Twisted.

To add to my "self inflicted ostracism", I've found out that drunk people aren't nearly as funny when I'm not drunk, too!

All in all, I feel the pinch of solitude from time to time, when I used to always enjoy it.  There really IS too much of a good thing!





ColdOpal ColdOpal
51-55, F
Aug 9, 2007