Love Or Hate

my MIL lives with me, helps me  a lot, but at the beginning she used to be a witch, she had other children too, whom she hates, she don't want to live with them, now i think she changed into a  better person, but i tried to forget the past a lot but i can't, so i want her to  live with her daughters, which she hates, i am in a dilemma, her wicked look ruin my days, for couple of days it disturbs me, why she doing like that i don't know,but it prevents me to deal with her in a better way.after all humans are not angels, but i regrets why in these mess, how it happened, may be fate brought me here.after all i feel comfort by sitting in this..............and her great help, the result of my .......

neem neem
Mar 2, 2009