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I've just found out tonight that my son whose wife of two years left him 2 weeks ago, found out six weeks ago that he will never father a child. He is only 26. He feels life is over and I am devastated because as his mum, I want to solve things for him and I can't! Please can anyone offer any support or advice? He feels life is no longer worth living - all he ever wanted was a family! Help please.
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2 Responses Oct 24, 2011

How is your son doing now?

Eighteen months on, life is very different. My son's wife became pregnant after a one night stand within three months of leaving and now has a baby boy. This absolutely floored my son. I was the one that broke the news to him and spent the night holding him while he wept. It broke my heart. He then spent the next 12 months or so flitting from one relationship to another as he'd convinced himself no one would want him long term. Just recently though, he has met a new young lady who he is now in a serious relationship with. It is early days and already he says it won't last because he will end it when the question of children is raised. He still has a lot to accept and says all he needs to find is a girl who dislikes kids. I tell him he looks at it the wrong way, all he needs to find is a girl who loves him enough to go through what's necessary to have a child. But, we live in hope.

Try to get him to get into relationships with women who already have children and doesn't want anymore.

I just found out that I wont ba able to have kids

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