Is Anybody In A Similar Predicament

My name is Effie I am 22 years old, still unattached at this stage. I found out last year that it would not be advisable to have children. I was born with a condition called Neurofibromatosis and since then have developed major back issues, from which I suffer alot of pain. If I were to become pregnant I would likely not be able to hold a baby for long, as I would experience too much pain. I get angry because my uterus and ovaries are fine but am restricted because of this condition. I would love to be able to donate my uterus to a woman, giving her the chance to have kids, but at this stage cant do that. I feel like my back condition is trapping my body. When I see others have children I feel jealous that I will never have the experience of holding a baby for nine months in the womb and being able to breastfeed and creating that special bond between mother and baby.
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I would love to talk. I have similar issues and want to talk to others that understand how hard it is to not be able to have children.

i have the same thing

my wife was born with a condition where god for got to give her the organs need to have a child it is a big long words but it met she could never concer a child and i can not have one due to cacer as a child<br />
but we had each other for a few years till her death at 19

I am sorry for you, that can not be easy for you now. I think you can develop breastmilk if you have adopted a smal baby that need milk. I also think you should try to get a boyfriend that will help you through the hard tim you have right now.