Unable to Have Children

I have always wanted children...maybe it's just engrained in my head that I'm not a woman if I don't...I dunno. I tried having children since I was 22...with absolutely no luck at all.

I was first diagnosed with severe depression when I was just 13. Since then, I have been on countless medications...the cause of my inability to get pregnant to begin with.

I was recently in a serious relationship...and this guy had a kid everytime he had sex...yes he was extremely fertile. Nothing...a big dud...that's me.

I was hoping to find others like me.

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I'm almost 30 I've been trying for a while now I don't think I can have children infact I know I can't thinking about going to see the doctor depresses me because I know what he will say.... I just needed to wrote this down just to make myself feel better crying doesn't help

hi all i've been trying for a baby for 3 yrs with my long term partner and we ere trying for 2 yrs when we were both 26 when nothing was happening so i went to the drs and they took various tests and then got refferred to a mother a baby hospital and had more tests done so did my partner and the result is he's fine but i'm gonig through very early menopause omg devestated i'm a bit stuck now don't know what to do with myself feel angry upset feel like i'm letting my partner down i'm trying to stay upbeat but sometimes it is really heartbreaking hospital have told me that if i want to get pregnant then i'll have to pay 6 thousand pound for someone else's eggs and i can't afford that i work hard but am only on minimam wage and have a house to run as everyone knows bills to pay etc really stuggling for a little hope please help if anyone has any suggestions thanks for your time love kerry

I had no idea that meds could do this to you! I suffer with deprssion too and I have refused to take my meds everytime they have been given to me! I am trying for a baby now, well I only started trying yesterday - but I'm due to have a psychiatric assessment at the end of the month, I'm won't be taking anything they give me now!!

i have had chronic depression since i was 14. and i also have been on everything possible for it. i am afraid we are in the same boat. i cant have kids now because of my meds. it is scary to know you can never bear a child.

My sister inlaw seem to can't have children either. I mean she has gotten pregnant but lost every one!<br />
I am so sorry to hear!