I Love Kids...however...i'm Not For Others...

I know that I'm supposed to be enthralled and caring whenever anyone speaks of their children.  

But I can't! I'm a 25 year Type I Diabetic that has been pregnant 4 times in 12 years of marriage (w/no living children). We've done 2 IVF treatments and lost 6 embryos. The two other times were natural pregnancies and no idea, but  assume individual embryos. I care for my cousin's kids (I'm an only child) when I need to, but to be 100% honest, I just can't make myself feel more than what I do. I have NO ill will towards anybody, especially children.

But I do harbor issue with parents who complain & do NOT provide for kids that they are blessed with because of some issue that they have control over. I DO NOT feel the need to provide for them, if they are adult enough to make these babies they need to be held accountable to provide for them. SIMPLE! 
Nobody paid for my miscarriages or IVF. I didn't think anyone would. Nobody paid for me being despondent from these tragedies. Again, I never thought anyone should. 
tmckasun tmckasun
31-35, F
May 14, 2012