Known Since I Was 4 Years Old

Hello, i am just gonna tell my story.
When my mother was pregnant with me she was told she was going to have a boy. The months flew by and my parents were really excited that they were getting a little boy. My mom went to the hospital and gave birth to me, when i came in the world the nurse said, ITS A GIRL, my parents were in shock. they told the nurse that the doctor said that they should have been expecting a boy, the nurse took me away from them and plenty of doctors ran many test on me and then they found out that my ovaries were damaged and that they would have to remove them. I was 2 years old when one was removed and 3 years old when the other was removed.
when i was 6 years old my parents began to explain to me what was wrong with me,. That the doctors told them that their Chromosome did not match together and thats why this thing was wrong with my, that i would not have period or boobs or pubic hair without a help from doctor... I was only 6 years old and did not understand what they were talking about, the only thing that i did understand was that i could never have a child in natural way.

When i was 12 years old i began to visit this doctor that let me have hormones, it started with some kind of a bandage and then pills. The period when i was using the **bandage** was the worst time of my life, every week i had to go to swimming with my class and everybody noticed the bandage, and started to make fun of me. It was really hard.
when i was 17 years old i began to take the pill, i told my friends it was because i had irregular periods and that i was in such pain when i was on period, but the truth was that i was taking the pill so i would start on period. but that was really tricky to find the right pill for me, for example with one pill i was on period in 3 months, each day i lost more and more blood. And now today we have not found the right pill for me. I always think why did this happen to me, and 2 years ago i did not talk to me parents because i blamed them,
I am so tired and sad because of this and i quit taking the pill, i know it is not a clever choice but i did not handle it anymore being on period for many months.
i have always thought about how i would tell my boyfriend about this but it have never been the right time. And we have been together for 1 year and he love kids, we are only 19 years old but it is better sooner than later to think about kids.
well otherwise i was just on and trying to find if anyone else is in the same position, and then i found it, i found the name of my diagnose. It is called turner syndrome. I have never been so happy in my life, that i finally found the name and that i know that there are other peoples in the world that know how i feel, but i want to find more and talk to someone who understands me.
This is the first time that i am telling someone this in public... My name is ***** and when i was born my ovaries were removed and i cant get pregnant natural.
I am not asking for any sympathy i just had to tell someone ....
btw sorry for the wrong spelling, i am from iceland and i am not good in english.
Thank your for reading :D
Love and kisses. Hope to hear from you
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I've got a similar story but I have a condition called Swyers sydrome it's like. Turners god bless you! :)