It Gets Easyer

I can not have kids also. It bothered me alot at first when I was in my early 20 's I even had surgery on my tupes to open them up. But it only gave me a 20 -30% chance to ever have any. I have had some step-kids I was very close with. One even called me Mommy for awhile but her Dad was a drunk so I could not take the whole scene. We got divorced after 6 years and I never hear from that little girl that is now a teenager. That breaks my heart. I still look at the cute little girl clothes but I know now at 47 I like to sleep way to much for a baby. I have 2 dogs & 2 cats. They are my family and the residents I take care of. You could always foster or adopt .

kjdpetlover kjdpetlover
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I sure hope your right when you say that it gets easier. At 30 years old and been trying for over 2 years it's heartbreaking still. No 1 can you give me an answer why I can't get pregnant and in december the doctor wants to do a surgery on me it exploratory surgery she calls it. I feel hurt, angry, punished, and greef I don't know so many things all rolled in 1. All I can say is I really hope your right that it will get easier.

There was a time when I believed that children were just the wonders of the world. It was when they became the horror called teenager that my overall opinion completely changed. I wasn't like my children. They didn't get into trouble with the law or at school but it was pretty much everything else and this behavior continued into adult hood. If someone were to ask me if they should have kids I would tell them no. I would say that it's not worth the heartaches and headaches later on. Not ALL children turn into monsters but from my experience and what I've seen around me the monsters far outnumber the good ones. I heard a 4 year old tell his mother to shut up and hit her in the face and she did nothing! By the time he's 5 he'll be running the house and telling her what to do. It's not worth it!!!!