I Can't Hear You

This is the most frustrating situation for me. when everryone seems to know what is best for me and tells me what I should or should not be doing. If you are not dating,then you should be, and they tell you what kind of person it should be. never mind if there is no "connection". The phrase You would be crazy not too, enters in this conversation, So now that we have established that I am crazy, lets move on.Ok so If you are seeing someone and the relationship does not move the way they think it ought to, they tell you to move on. so what if you are happy with the status quo? Doesn't matter move on. what??? Now is my chance to be with someone who either doesn't have anything in common with me or is suitably wrong for me. Yeah I want to jump on that train. I understand well meaning friends and family but if they know you why would they pick something they know wouldn't "fit" with you?Or how about raising your kids? this was a real fun one for me (mine are grown now, and it's a wonder they turned out to be all ok with my parenting skills) I was either too strick or too easy on them, depends who was talking. I either should make them study more or complain to the school that they had too much homework. They should have chores no wait I should just let them be kids. on and on that merry-go-went. advice is great when presented realistically, but it is hard to believe one pattern will work for what billions of people, all with different personalities andlearning skills? When someone asks me what should they do I ask them first what have you decided to do? then present them with different scenarios,knowing they ill probably pick what they already decided. Sometimes however you do come across someone that might suggest something you hadn't thought of and yes maybe that is a better way. Thats wonderful! Those are the kinds of people you want to help you with counsel but I use the word help not tell you what you need,want or whatever because only you know what it is you truely want or need.
windy windy
46-50, F
May 29, 2007