I Do Love Him... <3

About 2 years ago my friend dated this guy. She was cheating on him so he broke it off with her.. He than dated my other friend than my bestfriend. July 14th 2011 came, me and him were just friends, but I liked him. We spoke about how much w liked eachother and stuff like that. December came than we started dating. It was for 3 days.. I really loved him. Than new years eve My mum, dad, sister, this guy and myself went away for new year. We then dated again for 1 month.. I thought I'd lost all my chances.. We than dated for 2. Months. After that... He dated another chick 2 days later.. Only to his supprise she was cheating on him. He then came back to me, once again! I was over the moon. This time I never wanted it to end. But 6 days down the track he ended it.. Is 4 times really too many?
I was worried that all be wanted was sex.. Now I have worked it out he actually did love me.. My parents actually like him. And he is the first one. They have liked out of all of them.. :)
I love him and I would give him the world to show him how many chances he would have.. I really love him.. I really need him. <3
Leara13 Leara13
18-21, F
May 7, 2012