Why I Can't Keep A Job.

I am 42 years old and I just can't keep a job. I am always getting let go from a job. I am a shy, nice guy, quiet, and passive. Yes I been talk downed and verbally abused from previous jobs. I have problems comprehending as well. My social skill are not up to par. Also, went all the way down to the company and going to work found out I was fired. For the past 15 years I have been bouncing around. I was a teacher, customer service, security, clerical, and other mediocre job. I got my degree in Communication Arts and wanted to work in Sports TV. I couldn't get an internship if so it was crappy and didn't click well and only work twice a week doing gofer work. Had interviews with my field and just didn't get hired. I had a jobs with a local sports radio station part time that pay minimum wage and was let go only working one week due to being slow. Then had an account payable clerk and lasted 2 weeks due to not catching on. Then 6 months later relocate on the west coast and the job I accept with a sports entertainment company which I thought I was it was going to lead to something big. Then weeks in the job I was let go cause of lack of experience and choose to stay out here. I went through tons of jobs with the temp agencies and low paid I was getting let go in 2 to 3 days or in one week for a year. Then I was a assistant teacher and work in Kinder for a year didn't like it. Went to the temps and the same ole carosuel they said I wasnt catching on and doing it too slow. I had a customer service job  for 18 months and got released due to being upset and fustrated due to not getting a raised and been on the job longer than people and they were moving up and raises and been there for four to six months. Eventually I got fired due to my attitude. Then I started substitute teaching and I started to like it well. Then I accept a long term sub with no experience and working in a special ed class 8th grade these are kids who have behavior issues. I lasted 3 weeks due to not handling the kids class got out of control and kids were very disrespectful to me, I got into an altercation with the a few kids and it got ugly so I got let go. Then went to different schools to the end of the year. Then I continue and the 2nd year I had sub in PE for a week then one day I had a class by myself w/JHS kids and they were 60 students and had a hard time, then the Assistant Principal chew me out in front of the kids. I didnt speak up or address it of the assistant principal unprofessional tatics, I feel that I didnt do a good job at controlling the kids. I had a 3rd grade class, it got off to a bad start got fustrated and it got bad and in the 2nd day I was dismissed and I snapped at the classed and they all went to the principals office. In 2001, I had a fourth grade class, a long term sub which could lead up to a permanent position. I had a great start and they add a few problem kids in the class and disaster started. I started to have issues slowly and it was growing slowly then I had parents confronting me then I started to get nervous and tentative and I let them have the upper hand authority. Then I started to bump heads with a few kids. Then a substitiute teacher who I knew from the JHS behavioal class came in while I had a meeting with intervention. Then a few kids were calling me out stating that she was going to get me fired and she will take over the class. I blew it off. Then two weeks later the same sub came in and the kids stand up and cheer for her I had to run to another intervention, came back they love her more than me. Students address that she mention to the class and told them I had issues w/the JHS class and they were disrespectful to me. Then I had 2 students who were best friends and hearing conversations that their mother had and discuss I wasnt handling the class. One of the mothers had ripped me for accusing his son for getting in troublke told the father about things he did and accused him for blurting out things and the father beat him with a strap for no reason. Then to find out it was someone else, and she observed the class and I was a nervous wreck no confidence and did a poor job and the principal was saying whats going on the parent was upset. Then a few week later I had kept him in class for lunch and he was sniffling and I was getting distracted and told him to ease up. Find out the parent pick him early to leave and he told the mother that I told him to get the held up out of the classroom and the morther was irate and upset told the principal to move him out of the classroom. Then I lost control it got worse and I had grab a kid on his arm then flew himself and the class got excited accusing me I yanked him. The principal bought an aide to observe me to see if anything is happening. Then I lost my kids and would not be with me in public, kids talking suff about me, it got bad I was the laughing stock of the school, then the principal undermanned my authority in allowing a kid to go on a field trip in which I didnt allow him not to go on, got played by a girl in which I thought she didnt speak spanish and then a teacher came in she spoke English. My final day just to seal it they were calling all the teachers and all got cheers and guess what happen over a thousand kids laugh at me. I was subbing a different schools and districts and districts let me go. Then in 2003 I went for my masters in Educational Counseling and in 2005 I did an counseling internship and I had a few run in during my substitute teaching I did at the school and kids gang up on me and say lies to the pricipal and I threw kids out the classroom. I got fired on my counseling internship program at the school. You wanna know how bad it was the university stop doing the program and I had a month to do another intern or I dont graduate and go to a new field and start over again. I salvage and completed at a handicapped school and survived. Now a masters and couldnt get in the field, still subbing around at different schools got married. I got a job at  corporate company over the summer and doing Customer Service and 4 months later I quit countrywide got a Kindergarten teaching job at a charter school making $10,000 dollars more a year and it was 5 minutes from my home. Yes I went back teaching I felt it was going to be a blessing little kids being lovable full time gig w/benefits. Then a month later I was teaching and loving my kids and they were doing the same as well, then I had my restriction w/them I had warn a student with discpline issues then I was bought in the office stating the parent took her child out of the school do to I put her on dention and I confronted the parent she said it was OK. Also, I had a concern with a girl who's attention was short spanned I spoke to her dad; then the next dad he move her out of my class. I just say whatever and blew it off. Then realized these parent wasnt liking my style of teaching and a the pricipal call me in the office and guess what I told parent that this kid had a learning disability and needed to get tested. Now the assistant principal came in and obsevered me a few times and couldnt tell me how my performance is and had to go to the principal. Then down the line I was let go due to poor classroom management and my style of teaching was upper grade and the parent were complaining about my style of teaching. I had an evaluation form for parents to see how the class was running gave me positives. So I was dismissed the replacement came in the next day. I left a week later. I lasted 2 months at the school. Then I sub at different schools and work as a security guard at a building overnight and got a tutoring job during the day. Now I was tutoring kids at a elementary school then the next Monday I was tired and jsut got off my security job. I was sleepy and feel alseep during the tutor section. Then on that Tuesday I came in and my boss from the tutoring company said school didnt want me cause I was touching my private parts in front of the kids and the teachers and parents observe me. I didnt defend my case shame on me!!!!  I had got hire at a aerospace company and work there for a year, work on helicopter contracts and did the pricing. Well I did Ok then I made careless mistakes and not focusing on my job so and being forgetful with other tasks. So I got let go and I had a job as a security job at a non profit center for a couple of years and got a loan processing job in December of 2009. I was in the position for 3 months and no experience in it and one of the top performers assisted me and was rude he help me didnt know too much with the processing. Then my maanger pull me in the conference room statin I wasnt a fit, so I had the option to go to a different dept and accept lost my full time position along w/benefits took a pay cut as well $4 an hour less. SO I went into that department and for 3 weekds doing entry level work on the computer. The recently 2 weeks ago I had a loan processing offer it was 7$ more an hour resign from  that job. Last Monday I was excited to start and through the training and last Wednesday the bombshell hit my agency in which I was hire for stated my assignment was ended and lost my job due to I wsnt catching on and didnt fit in. I was steam and went off on the guiy at the agency I just started and left a job and came home to my wife and 3 year old child and 14 year old stepdaughter and just lost it hit the wall slammimng everything I couldnt believe what happen very upset and my little one was crying, I was in shock. 

Right now I am trying to still find my niche and I been writing and looking at sports writing I will be passionate and work at a job doing number crunching if anyone can give me assistance and advice it is greatly appreciated. Also thier input of whats happening. 

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If two students, a 4.0 GPA student with poor communication skills, and a 3.5 with excellent communication and leadership skills were competing for a job, the 3.5 GPA student is going to probably going to get the job. Most people nowadays are introverts but they break out of their comfort zones in order to achieve goals that they haven't been able to accomplish. If you want something you've never had or you can't seem to get, I personally think it's because you have to do something different. Nothing against you, I totally understand. I get really afraid to talk to people sometimes too but at the same time, I know that I need to get over that. There is so much you can learn from other people and so much more you can accomplish when you master the skill of breaking out of your shell.

Young and smart

w h a t ? The problem in a nutshell : you want a complete stranger to know your entire day to day life story , detail to detail, limb to limb without them getting a breathe in. What you need to do , is enter into ANY kind of a new experience like a clean sheet of paper. SMILE, but retain from "just having " to tell everyone every single detail of your life. The more you fight that urge and just try to live in the day, the PRESENT , and try to relax and get to know someone else , instead of it being all about you, I think you can be a great person. I can see a real trooper inside you, a good heart, but you have to make it about OTHERS, not every single thing about yourself. I know you have a good heart and want ot do good. Starting from within is where to start. Erase the pages of your past and begin on a new fresh clean page. YOU CAN DO IT!

constantly being "out of a job" is absolutely horrible for conversations with people, either you say the truth and bum out the conversation, or hide from conversations, because "job" is always the top conversation pick when seeing people on a daily basis. So in this time of strife, instead of having more friends or better relationships, I'm cutting myself off from the world or personal relationships, cuz I can't bear hearing the same bloody job questions over and over again, and having to find ways of trying to explain myself. It's unexplainable and horribly embarrassing. I am a better person than this, than my job status, but no one sees that.

I hear you are very restless and upset. You are having difficulties in more than one area in life I can see. You need to stop trying to looking for jobs and start working on yourself. If you can find a way to be part of an organization that helps people with mental illnesses to find a job where they are able to connect with agencies where they hire people with a learning disability that would be more easier on you on an emotional level. They would know what your situation is instead of trying to be somebody you are not. Let your wife know that you have mental health issues and do the best you can in helping her understand that you may not be able to keep up to her standards right now. Hopefully she would be understanding that things are not working out as planned. We all deserve the best, but I have come to realize that if I can't keep a job, i can't afford to have things in life like buying a home, car, having a family. It puts more stress on my life. We have to live within our means instead of constantly banging our head on the wall, doing the same old thing expecting something to change. This is INSANITY.<br />
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Talk to someone who has been through this. Going to a support group or talking to someone who has been through this may help you see things in a different picture in what is wrong. Good luck