I Have Lost Every Job In My New Town For The Last 8 Years.

I moved to this town 8 years ago. when I 1st got here i had a job I was happy with. I got hurt on that job and could no longer do it. Before all of that I loved work, never had a hard time getting and keeping a job. I love to drive. I tried to be a cabbie here ,there are only two companys in town.this town is so small everyone knows each cabbie. I am a women of 47 yrs. I have been cheated out of calls, a car to drive, been yelled at, threatened and over all disliked by each and everyone I have worked with in this area. Most say that I am mean, they say I talk too much about my personal life. I am always there on time, I do my job with no screwing around, I do it like I am told .yet so many people hate me.It seems just for being me and what I believe in.This world seems to be about You have to trust me,but don't u dare expect me to trust you. How does one deal with all this crap just to work? i am not a butt kisser or a lier in any way, so how do I keep a job?
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Yes, you said it in your post- you talk a lot about your personal life and people tell you that you are doing it so that you stop- people don't like to hear about all of your issues cause the other blogger was right, they use it against you! Be cordial and talk about neutral things like the weather, shopping and festivals happening in town; steer clear of the 3 F's: family, finances and friends.<br />
Then politics and religion:)<br />
Good luck- I'm not perfect either and was losing jobs too- I took a long hard look and realized my defensive ways were ******* people off..I came off too strong maybe and knew too much and it bothers people so now I say less and smile- then I tell my husband about it later- so far so good- seems to be working for me:)

They are not using any of my personal info against me or anything like that. I get into trouble for comments about my sick grandaughter my failing health things like that are what I talk about . I have been told no one wants that kind of bummer. I am a cab driver. People get in my cab and want stories esp.on long trips. i have no problems with my customers just with staff. Keep in mind I do not spend anytime with the other workers so it's not that.. I go into work bright eyed and reday.I never complain about the call i get. I am happy at work not miserable like the rest of them. You guys don't get what the problem is. you all have given me the standard society answers.Life happens people, and just because u are at work does not mean it stopped till 5pm and then starts again. I get the keep it to yourself part and I have stopped telling people my :huge" boo boos. still it is my overall personality that is the prob not just one aspect of me. I am easy going and generous always. I get ripping angry with people who lie, cheat, scheme, and try to defraud. I got fired once for giving too much detail in a report about an incident between myself and another employee.The boss said because my report was a full page and hers was a few lines I must have been the aggressor. The other girl came from outside the building to argue with me while I was mopping a floor so ,what? Yeah I must not get it,cause that still was f-ed in my mind that happened..

never mix work and pleasure

i agree with ms halo...you never tell anyone your business people will use it agaist you

just keep your mouth shut. exchange polite hello's and thank you's and be done with it. if people want to talk they will. listen to the feedback. why are you talking about your personal life out there? these people are not your sounding board nor are they your friends. your beliefs should be kept to yourself not espoused to the world. go to a forum that you can rant and rave about your beliefs and your personal life.