I Can't Keep a Darn Job

I recently graduated from college with BSBA in Marketing. After graduation I traveled all over Europe for a month before I had to jump into the real world. As soon as I came back, I began to interview everywhere. I had some really good interviews. One company actually said to me "We do not want to lose you" and offered to move up the second interview since I wouldn't be able to interview again until 2 weeks later (It was around the 4th of July). This company ended up "going in a different direction" and I didn't get the job. Not a good way to start. Since then I have had a few offers that I turned down and a few that I have accepted. The problem is that with the one's that I accepted I can't seem to stay for more than a week. I just start to freak out about all the responsibility and that everyone is watching and talking about me and I have panic attacks and end up quitting. I do a good job, I'm told, in the short amount of time that I'm there. I just get in a bad mood and can't take it anymore and just want to run away. I currently live with my fiance in her parents basement, so sad. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm getting on Celexa to help control anxiety and panic attacks. I should be interviewing soon again and I have to keep this next job or my fiance' has threated to leave me. Just wanted to vent. I would love any feedback.
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I have experienced some of what you have although I will flip burger's and do make friends easily because of my positive upbeat additide.I think I just need to find my fit career wise and maybe the same is true for you.

There is so much harassment in the workplace today, it is unbelievable! it is as bad as the bullying in schools. I have experienced it and everyone's always talking. "So are things getting better with the new girl?" or "Did you see the mistake the new girl made today?" It has really affected my self-esteem to the point of not wanting work and not even caring about going out in the world.

I work with a lot of Spanish speaking people who do not like the fact I am half Latino but speak no Spanish, I can understand some but not much but they don't know that. So they think it is perfectly fine to taunt me or play stupid tricks on me, to them i am a 'wanna-be' gringo. But after a few weeks of putting up with their remarks and treatment I finally said, "You know, if I loose this job it is no big deal, but do you know why I was really hired? It is b/c there is no chance of me being deported, NONE! Think it about it, who did I replace, where did he go? Oh yea, thats right, he got deported!" Do not think you have any issues of self-esteem, you had a bad run of luck. And in the end, it comes down to luck. I prefer to bend Luck to my will and in many way's it has worked. When my co-workers try their foolish games now, they re-think before they act. Hell I think they are actually more respectful to me these days, i am not saying you should act like your better than anyone else. But it doesn't hurt, when you look at your co-workers ask yourself 'is this all you have? do you some how think being rude makes you a cooler person?'

I love your honesty, especially the part about starting a job and then everyone is pointing, talking, and watching you. I have experience those rude justures at work as well, but I worked over 30 different jobs and just figured out that I need some help coping with what I call todays social norms. Because I have a Bachelor Degree, but going to work eight hours a day five days a week is different from going to school one and a half hours three times a week...<br />
I have also read that there are more up coming disabilities due to people being in ongoing negative environments for whatever reason and are unable to get a breathe of fresh air in so many words...<br />
I wish us both luck because Im on the verge of homelessness due to the fact that I can not keep a job. I will not turn down a job even of that means underemployment; however, once I get into these jobs I quickly get deterred by my co-workers who are often set up by the manger to polk fun on the job at my expense. And I can always laugh at a joke but when its ongoing and continuous the joking turns into cruel and unusal torture...<br />
I try to keep upbeat but the truth is that the bullys and neckle head are taking over...<br />
Thanks for you story and I also needed to vent...

work and don't worry