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I can't keep a job. Everywhere I go I seem to lose interest or just not care. The longest job i had was at a Call service center at dishnetwork, and I just got so depressed and trapped and couldn't stand that what I would be doing for the rest of my life was working at Dishnetwork.  The job after that was an office, and everyone loved me but two people, which happened to be the Manager and the head secretary. I knew she was evil no one liked her, she hounded me and I felt like she knit picked.  Now I moved on I work at a small office so mall it's just the owner, me, and the book keeper. Book keeper  has been there 5 yrs.  I do office work, but in undescribable massive amounts of different things that are very simple but there are so many things and so many ways to do them. Problem: She yells at me. I make stupid mistakes and she blows up.  I've only been there 3 mos. and a half.  I am still learning, i  wasn't given any proper training, everything is trial and error, and I feel that there are so many distractions that the mistakes I make are stupid. These are the ones she yells at me over. I think she's wrong, and on top of that sometimes i get confused as to how to do something and I am intimidated to ask anyone anything.  The boss sent me home today, said i need time to think about my performance and how i want to think about dealing with the company because the book keeper and I have argued big time for the second time.  I am at a loss. I don't know what my problem is or how to fix it.  I don't know how to stop making mistakes, The book keeper and I only get along when I do everything right, and I have before but it changes, theres only room for perfection and it's difficult to tell if I am gonna do a good job that day or not. I am very forgetful. How do I get rid of that. How do i work around that. I tried post its. I feel like I am treated like a door mat. I want to stop making mistakes but sometimes i feel communication among the three of us and our Technicians is....filled with so much tension.  Is it me, or every single job I've had. Thing is, this is the first one I've really made an effort to keep.  And it's still going hay wire. 
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here is what I think!!! open your own business. No one to yell at you. You work on your own time. At the end of the day, no one cares about you. for real. I have been working with a university for some years now and they don't care about its staff. So take the choice I give you, open your own business. sell hot dogs, that way you won't be making mistakes. It is so simple just let the hot dogs float in hot water, get ketchup, mustard, hot dog bread, onions, put in the bread and have a smile and serve the customers. Name of business. "Hot dog House". Good luck to you!! that is the end of your worries about keeping a job or thinking it is you.

I feel your pain. Here is what I think. I believe you have a good heart and like to please everyone around you. You care a lot about what others think and you probably don't have a lot of self esteem. If you are rushed or or not given proper training you try your hardest, but you always seem to screw up. You probably learn by doing and need someone to go over things with you. You look at this as a weakness and are very hard on yourself for asking for help. Sometimes you will fudge through things hoping it will be right so you won't have to ask for help.... again. Believe me I know how you feel. I go through jobs feeling the same way. I will leave a job so I don't have to feel like I am too stupid to be there. I consider my self rather intelligent but seem to have issues around procedure and concepts. My be we have a learning issue when it comes to certain things. Good Luck and my heart goes out to you!

I'm seriously considering starting a website which list companies you shouldn't work for.

If you still can't keep a job i can help you. email me.

me too.. lately i seems to job from another job to another... the last job i actually like it, but my colleague are the worst colleague that i have ever met. she took advantages of people and she can get away with it while other people suffer. the next job was with a shouting lawyer.. i walked out the second week of the job after he had shouted at us everyday since i had started work. then now.. i am thinking of quitting again after 3 weeks of work. The same thing.. shouting here and there.. I just could not stand and same as you are.. i have zero experience in the law firm and this freight forwarding thing.. no training whatsoever.. hands on.. means trial and error too.. where making mistakes are costly and it makes me feel incompetent whereas that is not what I am. dump to much work on me although it is just my first week.. they had promised trainings but had not seen them.. i don't feel like asking question for small little things everytime.. why just can't train from the start if you don't want your employee to make mistakes. now i hate going to work.

maybe you havent found the right one yet. i wish you much luck with this!

I can't keep a job!!!!! UGGGh is this helpful? Let me relate, first. I want to be helpful. Isn't it funny that some people take themselves and their position so seriously? This experiece that i'd like to put out to the group is unusual, i think, even for me. Usually i'm not FIRED! It was at my 2nd most recent position, where i joined a small, disheartened group in a muti-zoned, neglected neighborhood. Interviewed twice, drug-tested and finally chosen, these owners decided to go the "temp" route with me and for less $. I did make a bad decision and should have insisted on a full-employee status at my minimum. Led by Boris and Natasha, the "company" produces direct-mail print advertising for pre-need funeral sales and mega-church fund raisers (razers). Mostly temps man the machinery, time-stamping their breaks, no coffee allowed at my ten-year-old monitor where I typeset and managed redundant spread-sheets. I suggested various formulae and consolidations, but my workmate had one statement: "I do not have the answer to that question," and her hands shook. The owners requested that i not speak. Two elderly men there, Bob and Roger, looked so much alike that I was having a hard time telling them apart. I paper-clipped a post-it note with a big "B" on it on Bob. He liked this and wore it a second day. Truly, my fatal error was to ask one of my newly hired workmates if she'd be paid for a day-off funeral leave, after she'd worked as a temp for nearly a year. When she said "no," i was verbally quite bitter about her time on the job not being acknowledged, and from my protective, advocative ferver, i raised my eyes, and, yes, Boris was there.... Needless to say, my agency called that evening. I had lasted eight days. <br />
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To everyone: i hope to find some perspective. <br />
Anyone could find themselves in a bad situation. However, as the truism goes, the only constant in all my bad positions is me. I don't know what is going to happen with me as the bad situations seem to be coming and going faster and faster. It'd be great to have a sandwich cart or write such a super blog that the Fortune 500 would beg for advertising space. <br />
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How do you all make-do, make ends meet? Aren't we the successful survivors? People shudder at the thought of "hand-to-mouth," but don't our up and down situations make us more creative and more resiliant?<br />
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I'm glad to join this group. <br />

I know what your going through. I'm liked that too. I got this job, I really like it but I quit without notice. In the fall it was much different than in the summer. i was not notified until the last minute. I believe my problem is I can't adapt to change so quickly. My female boss, she was nice but she said one thing that annoyed me. Everyone thinks I'm irresponsible and lazy. But these inconsiderate, mean, double-minded bosses does not get blamed for harassessing their hard-working, reliabable, employess or getting on their nerves and causing them to leave. Sometimes it just be could be a hunch or inkling that you are gifted to work for yourself. It may not be meant for you to work for anyone.

This almost sounds identical to my job experiences.<br />
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It seems no matter how hard I try to perform my job to the fullest and no matter how sweet, considerate and polite I am, I get rude, snide remarks and downright hateful treatment. I can take the sarcasm, it's the yelling at me in front of others I can't take. Why is it so hard for people to be nice. <br />
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If it makes you feel any better, I'm 44 and I'm celebrating quitting my 100th job. I can honestly say I've done almost everything there is to do; from agricultural fields to the medical fields, lol.<br />
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Now I'm considering working alone, because needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, I can't deal with mean a**holes. <br />
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I went to a "common knowledge" site and it was suggested by one of the members that we all get together and somehow form our own company. I thought that was brilliant!<br />
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You sound like an adorable sweetheart and don't worry about being forgetful. Remembering how to do some thing comes with repititon. <br />
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I have the same problem with jobs and relationships. I am a 22 year old female who has had over twenty jobs. My whole life I have felt like the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb. I am pursuing an education, don't like to gossip, and tend to avoid confrontation. Needless to say confrontation always finds me, whether it's roommates or employers, I get blamed for everything. I feel defensive upon meeting people because I see them as predators, however I have been working on changing my perception of people. But, women seem to distance themselves from me or criticize me about everything, even an ex boyfriend of mine criticizes me about my attractiveness. The thought that people treat me as such makes me only seclude myself more.

I need serious help