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Hello all. I just found this site through a Google search. I am 46 years old, with a home, a wife, and three children. Last week I was let go from my job because of poor performance. I was there only 13 months, and was miserable from day one, because I felt going in that I would fail.

Let me give a little history of myself. I have an engineering degree. Since graduating with this degree in 1988, I have worked for EIGHT different companies. I have been mainly in sales. I can totally sympathize with what others are saying - I feel like a COMPLETE failure, and just keep asking "how many times can one person fail and keep fighting?". My wife hasn't worked in 12 years, staying home to raise the kids. She started looking for employment just before I was let go. We didn't know I was going to lose my job, but our financial situation was getting pretty bad, so she started looking for work. Now that this happened, I honestly don't know how we'll survive. I have always paid all of my bills on time and have had impeccable credit, but I don't know how I'll be able to continue. I estimate we’ll be completely out of money within about four months.

For some time now I have been trying to figure out why I can't hold down a job. I have never seen a doctor about it, but wonder if maybe I have a form of ADHD too. There obviously must be something, because everyone I know is perfectly capable of holding down a job, not to mention getting the usual promotions. It is very depressing to see all of my friends and neighbors climbing their corporate ladders, while I keep getting knocked off of mine. I wouldn't mind not advancing, if I could just maintain steady employment for a decent length of time.

I know I'm rambling, but I have so much to say, and want to get some of it out there. The depression has been overwhelming to say the least. I have had suicidal thoughts (just thoughts - I have never come close to acting on them). Aside from the depression, the fear and anxiety is destroying me. I haven't slept well in a couple of years, and am usually in a pretty bad mood.

I'm glad I found this group, because it definitely helps to know I'm not alone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening.
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I have the same bad habit. I can admit though, about myself, I am not happy with the area I work in. This is why I can't hold down a job for more than 6 months to 1 year.

For you, It certainly could be some sort of imbalance mentally but my suggestion, being as this is what I know would solve my issue, is to make a drastic change in either the area you work or where ever it is that's making an imbalance objectively.

I say, remove your attachment towards the overall structures of your life and change or remove those that are unhealthy or simply not appealing.

I'll draw an outline of what I already know about you.

Older male
Old fashioned
Self Insecure
By the book
Afraid of failure

If any of these things simply don't register into your brain as appealing structures. Remove/change them. (This is just an example)
After you have done that, if you are still allowing the removed or changed issues to affect your thoughts and views negatively, talk to a doctor.

I'm not a professional, but that is my personal advice.

Wow. Thank you so much. You pretty much hit the nail on the head on all points in your "outline".

I am 32 and I can relate in many ways to these entries here. I am am in my early 30s and got somewhat of a late start in life. Things never really came together as I was always a bit behind. I was behind in school, never really went growing up and had unattentive parents. And from there life just sort of came together the way it has.

I have never really had a solid job. I had a good temporary job which paid me $20 an hour and that was great for a 25 year old somewhat fresh out of college. But from there it has been mixtures of good luck, bad luck and restlessness and dissatisfaction that have kept me away from settling down. I have done a lot of things other people spend their whole lives dreaming of but I have never actually lived a normal, steady life which provides a promise of stability. Now with the economy faltering it becomes even worse.

What is incredible is how likeable and personable I am, but also I am very moral and honest. If I have questions, I ask. If I don't get something, I am going to do it my own way that works for me. And bosses hate that. I have noticed most bosses are just soulless automatons that are neurotic control freaks or vicious brutes. Their intelligence is at a fixed mediocre level. This is not attacking their character, but is simply an evaluation of what it takes to win and hold certain positions in companies. That is how you have to be.

I see myself with rose colored glasses, of course, but what I see is this bright, happy, effervescent person who is a bit absent minded. People like to say stupid or "ADD" but i would NEVER submit myself to a self-defeating title like that. That means you are too afraid to be yourself and you more want to give up and TRY(just try, because you can never REALLY change who you are) to be like 'everyone else'. But most people are insecure and pathetic losers even if they make six figures. They are slaves to their careers and are no different than the dishwashers who actually enjoy considerably more freedom, just less "security".

But I got hired at a job I actually really was glad to get up to every day. I have been there 4 months and just the other day my boss calls me into the conference room to discuss my performance "how do you think you are doing?" I answered "i think I am doing well. i mean, there is a lot to learn, but I feel like every day I am learning new things and I enjoy my job very much!" and she said she saw the opposite and that I was not confident enough over the phone and I asked too many questions. I was shocked. I just was being myself. I didn't think I was disrupting anyone's performance and yeah, I am not perfect but it is a complicated job with many questions and no one gave me an instruction manual! She seemed like she had planned on having me fired that day, but I was able to manipulate the situation to where she lessened my responsibilities and gave me "2 weeks" and then she would see if she wanted to give me my responsibilities back. But I feel like what actually happened was she gave me 2 weeks to find a new job! Or did she?!!? I don't know! This is the problem with people, they are not straightforward enough.

She kept saying I am "the most positive" person at the company but then went on to disrespect the quality of my work, which I thought was okay. She kept saying I need to learn to "fake it til' you make it" and I was thinking "what?!" So was SHE faking it doing to evaluation? Does she even have any clue as to how to train or supervise people?

And this comes to a cardinal point in this issue: Maybe I make her look bad.

somehow, in some way, I make her feel uncomfortable. And that's all it is. If you are mediocre, desperate and a defeated person then you will be able to be another cog in the machine, if you are lucky. Then you can go home, get drunk, and do it all again the next day like so many other corporate drones.

And I liked my corporate gig. I thoughT 'hey, this is sweet! Insurance, enough in the bank to save up, vacation time and some nice people to see everyday" but meanwhile i negative feeling would creep up when i would come home. a sense that i was hated and someone was plotting. it went on weeks and no one said anything. Then I realized those feelings were REAL. SO when you FEEL IT, TRUST IT. That nagging sense in your gut, sort of like the feeling you get when someone is going to break up with you. A raw, emotional feeling. This is how it went for me.

So now, as usual, I am back to the drawing board. Another job behind me and not a real solid reference. It is very sad. Who will ever hire me!?!?! I am a nice person, I like people and I mean well! But no one has the patience or interest in anything but the MACHINE and how to keep it oiled!

So be it. It is what it is. Just got to keep centered and have faith. I must learn to have faith again, is what the inner voice tells me.

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I feel you on this and I hope your situation has improved. I am 31 now and haven't held a single job for over a year. I've had dozens of jobs and most of them I was terminated from. It is incredibly depressing when you can't even support yourself. The number one thing a man needs is a job and everything else stems off of that. The jobs I did best at or seemed to held the longest seemed to be the jobs that were more mass produced or larger company jobs with more people. Like processing plants for example where you are individually not noticed as much. At the end of the day ive realized that noone gives a **** about anyone or your financial situation. Bosses will be bosses etc etc. They have no issues firing people at all.

I agree with everything you said. Best of luck to you..... hang in there. You'll find a place where you fit in and they appreciate you.

I just got fired yesterday. I know it will be at least 6 months before anything comes around. I CAN NOT hold a job for more then 6 weeks.

I am 22 years old and i have bad trouble holding down jobs. I dont know whats wrong im fine for a while then i get pissed at someone or something, and boom im unemployed again. I too have ADHD problems. I recently quit two jobs because one was too boring and the other i kept messing up and messing up and i got angry. I dont know what the problem is. Some of the work ive done ive loved but i got pissed off. And ruined everything
I have depression and anxiety because of this and i dont like to talk to old high school buddys anymore cause they're all talking about working and i cant stick to one place.

Thanks for listening.

I'm right there with you. I've loved jobs and had such a horrible time dealing with coworkers/managers that I would lose sleep and feel mentally torn apart. Lost my self esteem and would be in the bathroom crying. Stupidly I would leave in the worst ways and even now I'm worried about my job which has lasted 6 months. Everything I was told when I got hired was also told to the new girl who just got hired a month ago. She actually gets hours though and I keep getting put in a position that makes me feel like something must be wrong with me and I am being needy asking for the hours I had been promised for months. Sorry if I overloaded you but I'm 21 and just about cried reading your post. Sounds like me almost exactly but I don't know if I have ADHD....never been tested I don't think

I hope all is well with you..... as I've told others, just hang in there. I do believe there is a fit for everyone out there. You just have to find it. Keep me posted. Thanks.

I'm on the same boat as you I'm 20 years old. the last stable job i had was when i was working for my pops running the CNC machine man i was doing so good, but after all that i got laid off, i also have ADHD its hard to keep a job man i either end up leaving because of the coworkers or because of the bossman, i waisted my whole year of 2015 trying to get in where i fit in but nothing is working out for me. depression and anxiety will be the death of me.

Have hope because I'm on the same boat ...it's like all good honest people get stab in the back but all bad people gets all the recommendations exc. I just don't get it. But believe there is a God and he answers prayers because I thought about committing suicide cause I thought I was a loser.
Still looking for job but I believe.

hello, dont give up...i dont have a degree and mainly only know retail,,,i have been going downhill since 9/11, i dont know why but ever since then i havent kept a job for more than 2 years straight. before 9/11 i was making 6 figures had aaa credit (amex platinum status) and living the life. ever since then i have been thru jobs left and right and am living off credit cards and sucked up all my savings, i sold my car and behind on every single bill right now. i wish i had an answer but i am still seeking help myself,,, bless you and i hope all works out for you and your family

Panic - obviously I don't know your situation, but the obvious question that comes to mind is could you possibly be suffering from some sort of PTSD due to the events of 9/11? It seems too much of a coincidence that all the problems began for you after that horrible day. You may not even realize it, but lurking deep in your mind may be some very strong, destructive feelings. And maybe that has something to do with your inability to keep a job. If you haven't already, maybe you should seek professional help. I truly wish you the best, and please keep me posted. Best of luck to you my friend.....

Are you ADHD?

OMG-looking for answers I just read my life story in you. I am possibly on the verge of getting fired for the 3rd time in 21 years. In those 21 years between firings, I've been demoted twice, and have had a 1/2 dozen poor performance reviews and the countless "Marty come to my office and shut the door" meetings. I can't take it any more. The humiliation in front of my coworkers. The humiliation when I tell family and friend that I've lost yet another job. I work hard, never miss time. I can't get
out of my own way. And yes I wish my life would end and put a stop to this constant and predictable pattern. I was fired from a job after 16 years of service in 2011. Within 7 weeks I landed another job. I am currently on administrative leave following me accidentally sending someone's personal information on a form to several people. I don't know what I'll do if they terminate me. I'm 55 and tired of looking for work. I'm tired of telling my wife I've been fired or demoted. Where do I go from here?

Help - First of all, PLEASE don't even think about wishing your life would end. It WILL get better - you have to believe that. I was in a very dark place when I wrote that, and although things today aren't perfect, I have had a decent job that I enjoy and have been there three years next month. Please try and stay positive. Do things you enjoy to try and clear your head, and keep fighting. My dog got me through that horrible period of my life - I spent a lot of time with her at the local dog park, as well as other places. I'm not saying you should go and get a dog (assuming you don't already have one), but my point is find something to show you that life is worth living, and hold on to it when things get really bad.

Good luck and keep me posted.

Hello my fellow job seekers, I am sooo happy to find you all and im not alone. I hope im not going to ramble but i just have to share my story too.. from the age of 16 i have been hard at work takig every job to heart and putting in 10000% and more if needed. I started off at a grocery store a plane cashier, my managers saw how great i was for the job they moved me up the ladder to a monitor watch over the front and money whatever else need be. Had the job for about 3 years. At the age of 18 my family disowned me. My job position got rocky. I called off a lot to deal with my greif ... they let me go f9r poor attendance. So i moved on to a teller position at a bank, well after about a few months i was let go, didnt have a car to get back and forth so the public bus made me late a few times. Moving on i found yet another job, retail store. Surely this is it. I stayed there for a few months and broke up with my ex. That took a tole on my emotions so i slacked in performance with that job and took too many personal days. I left them soon enough. I went along to look for something else. Found a great great job working many positions for a hotel. Loved it. To my misfortune i found yet another bf. He beat me. I ended up dealing with that mess. So i ran away to va looked for jobs there while living off a friends couch. Nothing. The agency went as far as sending me an email stating that they found someone more qualified for the position (have college little college) sooo i came back to my home town yet to start all over while putting myself thru college alone w no budget bairly scraping by for books. Found a retail store. Not even 3 months in. Found bf in the mix. Great great guy. Asked me to move w him to his home town seeing i have nothing to do with the town but school and part time job. So i left to move in with him. Great life. The demon follows me. I leave a marketing job for sexual harrassing then find part time job for the elderly. No benifits so found one that does. Marketing again. Let go from there because my boss tells me this job isnt for everyone........ so now my man keeps asking me nagging begging to hold something down what is wrong with me no one does what i do.... do they? Please input on whats the real issue here.

I am a female I am 31 and since 2011 I have had 5 jobs and have been on unemployment 3 times. I am trying go back to school but I am at a loss for what would be a good fit. You see in 2010 I left my job with a Military Subcontractor to chase a dream of being a 911 Operator. I made it 6 months but was let go. I wasn't even provided a reason for it. I was deviated! I mean I was virtually in shock for weeks. I found a job being an insurance agent I was able to obtain my license after just two weeks of training. This was stable until I was hit by a person who was texting and driving. She nearly killed me. After that my employer was making things very very hard on me because of the amount of time I was out of work. I ended up losing my house because they changed their minds about paying my STD and took almost my entire check for 3 months. I moved about 40 miles away and secured a new job as a 911 dispatcher. I loved my job but my trainer was extremely dangerous. He was always asleep and he didn't know certain standard things. He would lie in my reviews and often disappeared for 45 mins at a time. He even brought a gun in to the police station unsecured and we housed temporary prisoners. I ended up putting in a memo about what was going on. A week later I was fired and not given a reason. I went back to insurance -hated it. Left and decided I was just going to be a home maker. I ended up meeting a person from a wives group and she seemed nice. She offered me a job to do accounting but it turned out she was unbelievably unstable mentally and I could not handle the outbursts, having my desk ransacked regularly and name calling. I left my job again after only two months. She then started calling my phone and even sent me death threats. I had to get an order of protection from her. How do I recover from this. This woman is destroying my life because I offended her. She has been defaming me to the general public and to my friends. I am out of options. I don't know what else I can do. :-(

So sorry to hear your story. Not sure what advice I can give, but police and/or a lawyer might be in order. I wish you all the best - keep us posted.

Hey reading your post was like looking in a mirror. I know the pain my friend and the worst thing is it makes you look back in regret and see your life and wonder what you have done and the time wasted

You hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for your comment.

Never knew someone felt the same

I have had bad luck with jobs from the time i was 16 years old. I'm 36 now and at age 34 I started realizing that maybe God intended for me to be an Entrepreneur and be on my own / be responsible for myself. Let me give you a little rundown of jobs I've been let go from and the reasons that just seem ridiculous:

1. Domino's Pizza - 16 years old - came back from a family vacation to be told my job was replaced.
2. A bar in Houston 21 years old - came back from another family vacation to be told they got busy so had to replace me.
3. Leasing Office 24 years old - I quit after 3 weeks after 2 co-workers started treating me differently (bad) after i refused to be in on their little "scheme" of clocking each other in / out on Easter Sunday without actually being at work.
4. Property Mangaement Company - 26 years old - go asked to resign b/c they found me emailing a leasing form that I created 100% on my own and was told i was "stealing" company property. I thought it was awesome and so i emailed it to myself.
5. Leasing Office - 28 years old - got let go b/c someone that applied to live there told corporate headquarters that I was the one who refused to help her when it was actually another leasing agent that stated infront of the woman crossing her arms to me "no, you can help her". I was forced to go to lunch and had to have someone else help the woman on the spot, something a lot of people do in business.
6.Leasing Office - 36 years old - Wrote to corporate to inform them of the sexual harrassment being done by an assistant property manager to 2 co-workers (not me) and got let go a week later.
7. Real Estate Office - 36 years old - got let go b/c i was told i was not material for the job directly related to real estate transactions when i kept telling my boss i need to be trained. I was thrown into a job where the last girl did not stay to train me so i was thrown in and the owner didn't even have time to really sit with me to tell me how he wanted to run his office / his emails / his transactions. I felt like I was confused as to what my job was from Day 1.

As you can see, these are all reasons that are just ridiculous! and yes for the most part are NOT MY FAULT. They are just misfortunate events that i feel have been a lifelong journey to get me to realize not everyone's life should be the same of working for 1 employer for a long time.

That is why I have been on this journey of being an Entrepreneur as a Freelancer / Virtual Assistant to try to do administrative work from home and go back into Real Estate. I am working on going back to get my real estate license and researching real estate invesetment techniques to buy property without any money down to turn into rental properties and flip. I have been finding MeetUps on www.MeetUp.com for virtual assistants and all sorts of real estate investment groups. I have been researching being an entrepreneur in order to get my mindset right for being 100% on my own.

Go to website: www.GeneticallyUnemployable.com...so far it's the only website i've found for those like me that either get stuck in being in / out of jobs or people who just simply want to live a life of virtual work freedom. The website isn't selling anything, it's simply support for those who feel just like us. Lost in the working world.

Here's the site i created to get freelance work: www.HireMeAliciaMarie.com. That way i am not working for 1 person and if a client fires me or doesn't need me anymore, it just doesn't feel so bad and i can still make a living. ~Alicia

I understand people get depressed and suffer from anxiety, believe me, but what I get from reading the posts here is that you all suffer from sever self pity,. So what if you had 100 jobs , why stress over that, you should take whatever positive experience you can from each job you had. And don't say there isn't any positive experience. If you take the time and go to a quiet place and meditate or just really think about what went wrong with each job and what you can do in the future to not let whatever it was happen again. This is a big positive, you can learn from each job its great and the more jobs you've had the more results.
People like us have to be AWARE daily, its the only way to keep a job. We have to wake up a bit earlier and plan our working day based on the results we got from reflection on our previous jobs. If we do this daily, we will be AWARE of our potential downfalls and can avoid the things that cause us to lose the job. And stop blaming others for our problems.
I once had 12 jobs in 10 weeks..... haha
I have no problem getting them just sticking with them...
Try mindfullness
Get help, forget about drugs its possible with mindfullness

Being mindful doesn't stop others from being horrible. Or being lied to by an employer. It makes you question yourself and everything. People take things differently and I feel like your post is just another reason why we feel the way we do. Some people can blow it off but for some reason it eats at us. Depression and anxiety are not severe self pity. Feeling like you don't belong anywhere and wanting to end everything isn't right and is hard to ignore.

Sweetie, i am so with you on that. I have a couple program specific certificates, but that's it. The longest job i had was 2 years as an inventory associate. I'm single-parenting a 17 yr old daughter who was born with cerebral palsy. She's on SSI because of her disability, but the really humiliating part is those payments are supporting me too, although everything she needs is taken care of first. And no, you are absolutely not alone

Thank you, and good luck to you with everything.

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First off, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I am 29 years old with a Bachelors degree in Social work and Criminology, and have a very similar story to yours. I have been greatly struggling since I graduated less than 2 years ago, to hold down a steady job for longer than 8 months, and have really been beating myself up in every way possible. The lack of feedback I have gotten from employers has left me emotionally battered and bruised and in a very dark place. As a new grad, coming to the table with very little experience, we already doubt ourselves, and question every little thing when we are let go. Was it something WE did, something WE said? Did we offend someone? Were WE inadequate ? Similarly, because employers are unwilling to give open feedback, we are afraid to use most of them as references, even though in most of my situations, I have never done anything I'd be ashamed of. To be honest, most of my jobs I haven't even been let go from, I've quit, or had a mutual understanding that it wasn't a good fit ; due to the extreme circumstances that social workers are expected to work under ( crazy hours, unmanageable case loads, no lunch breaks, working with high risk clients for nearly poverty level pay, and there is never any type of counseling set up for the employees to talk to anyone about the extreme trauma we witness ). So now almost two years and 5 jobs later, I am at a crossroads. Do I go back to school and incur more debt, to train for another career, continue to try and find another area of social work, or look for something outside the box ?

( Any suggestions are welcome!)

I will say that I am really relieved to see so many posts, and know that I am not alone in this struggle. If I had to hear one more , "maybe you need to look inward and figure out what you're doing wrong" speech from friends who are in a 70k a year job, who have never struggled with this, I really think i'm going to loose it.

I will totally own up to my mistakes, past and present. But I know when I have busted my butt, and poured myself into my job and clients.. I feel as though we are living in a society where we are all replacable. Employers have no loyalty to their employees, even at the highest level. Its all about who can bring the most to the table , for the least amount of money; and I find this to be especially true in the non-profit world, where money is tight and corners are constantly being cut.

If they can hire a Social worker with Masters vs. a Social worker with a Bachelors, for the same price, that's a no brainer.

Thanks for your post. The only advice I can offer, as I have told others, is to try and remain optimistic. You would know better than anyone if finding a new career (and incurring more debt) is the best option at this point. What I can say is that being happy in what you do, and not dreading getting up and going to work, is much more important than making a lot of money - at least in my opinion. So keep searching for that place that makes you happy, and that employer that will value you. They're out there, but unfortunately it may take some time.

Good luck, and please keep me posted.

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I am a 60 year old male that held a steady job for over 25 years. I worked in maintenance at the Boeing company and now I can't find a job to hold on to. Since 2007 I have had 9 jobs and failed at every one. WTF? So now my confidence level is at an all time low.

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I am 48 and average a job every 2 years and I have been very upset about this aspect of my life. I came from a very stable family with my father having 1 job for 37 years. All I can say is that as an engineer I am always planning for disaster while putting on the best performance at work. It seems like after working at a place for awhile, everyone will start circling me like sharks until the supervisor takes me in to his office and lays me off. I wish these employers had performance reviews to show what I lacked, but a lot of the time they say it was the economy. As for my love life, I am glad no women has ever wanted to be close to me for it would be difficult if there was the expectation that I be stable. I have a lady friend who makes $20,000/Year as a cafe manager. I figure that if I can keep working, even if is is 2 jobs a years and I make at least $20,000 then the combined income would be $40,000. Like it or not our American society has placed women at an equal footing as men and that women should be just as concerned about family income and employment as the man.

Just found the site and this is my first post. Your experience sounds similar to mine. I am 27 and have already had 15 jobs. Started working when I was 17. I just can't seem to hold a job. I've only been fired once and I could have easily prevented it but I kind of wanted to quit anyways. I had my longest job for 2 years. I loved it. I was approved to buy my own home the month before I got laid off. I didn't act fast enough and lost the opportunity. I would have stayed if I wasn't laid off. It felt great to have that security and ability to go out and enjoy life. I made just under $20/hour. I've been working minimum wage jobs for the past few years and now I'm unemployed. Everything seems to keep going down hill. Bank account just closed, all credit cards maxed out, and no call backs for jobs. Everyone in my family has a degree except me and I can't seem to force myself to stay in school either. I'm not lazy and I'm a pretty smart guy. I earned scholarships for math and English when I graduated high school. But since, it's just an endless cycle of low paying job after low paying job. I got my friend a job at the first place I worked at 10 years ago, he still works there. It's minimum wage, but at least he's employed. When I was 21 i told myself I wouldn't be like this. Then again at 23 and now I'm 27. To make things worse I had a severe neck and back injury at 25. I have 4 bulging disc in my neck and have pain 24/7. I don't like taking prescription pills because the side effects they give me and I don't want to take them the rest of my life. I know things will get better. I just don't know when. I'm the kind of person that feels like a millionaire when I make $2,000 a month. Never had much, don't want much, don't need much. I know once I find employment things will start looking up again. It's just taking longer than I'd like. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my next job and get myself through college eventually.

Thanks for taking the time to read this run on rant. Glad I found this site.

Endless - it's a sad fact of life, but most people need a college degree these days to make any kind of decent pay. I personally think it's a crock, but like I said, only a special few do well in life without it. So my suggestion to you is try and get that degree. You're still young - 27 is a baby. Keep fighting, and try to stay positive. It'll work out eventually.

Thanks for the response. That's one thing I forget, that I'm still young. I guess it helps to hear it from someone. I'm definitely going to go back to school. I know only good can come from it. I have failed to succeed without it for 10 years, might as well take the next four and see what good it can bring lol. My biggest fear and motivation is being in the same spot I'm in 3 years from now. Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow and make some positive changes. I've done it before. I just fell into a low state after my injury. I let it get to me and I felt like I lost who I was.

I know how you feel. I'm 28 now and I have had numerous jobs. I haven't finished college and can't keep jobs too long. The only jobs I've had for long were the military and public safety afterwards. I had to switch careers due to a divorce and ever since I have bounced back and forth. My current wife went finished her degree and I stood by her the entire time, she has a dream career now, yet here I am frustrated once again. I quit my most recent job today, at the beginning it looked like a great place to be, then it became a living hell, more work, more work and more work, I am a hard worker, I work fast too yet I find myself picking up the slack of others because otherwise it would affect my own tasks, I brought it up to management and it all went to empty promises. My thing is, if I work hard and I make ends meet and meet all deadlines I should get some respect. Everyone that meets me tells me how smart I am, people ask for my input in several things, I have friends that tell me I'm like a jack of all trades because of my broad knowledge and experience. I feel like Mike Rowe sometimes because I've done so many jobs in so many different fields, yet when the stress gets too high I just quit. Sometimes it gets to that point where I just can't handle it anymore. I am starting to think that maybe I have a problem. The area where I live now, jobs are hard to find and if you are lucky to find one, they will overwork you, underpay you and expect you to be happy with that. I dont believe that you need to suffer because you need a job. Anyway, you are not alone. I hope that things really get better for you and you find a place where you can stay and be happy. Best of luck.

South - I agree and sympathize with everything you're saying. I know it seems hopeless to you now, but hang in there. You are obviously bright, so it's just a matter of finding a place that appreciates you and respects what you can bring to the table. You'll find that place - I truly believe inside that there are good companies and good managers out there, it's just that sometimes it can take a while. Try and stay positive and keep fighting!!!

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Wow , I am going through same thing and its getting Worse for me . I've been this way all my life . It started with a paper route I Did it for 4 months 13 yrs old then quit landed another job at local food market worked there 3 months and quit 14 yrs old.I also quit school at 16 but like most of you I have no problem with getting a job and had a lot of good ones. I don't know why I would quit . I had one job I was at for a year as a auto tech and I told owner I was leaving to open my own garage he laughed and I said see ya an he says your not kidding. He offered me his business of 40 years and we did the lawyer thing and I owned two properties and life was good wasn't feeling depressed or worthless anymore untill about 8 years later I ran it into the ground and there was no coming back . I lost everything 400k and properties . I think the only reason I lasted that long is because I had employees depending on me and I had a huge mortgage payment. The owner held note so everything I had I basically gave back to him and then some . I have two small children and I am married 20 years my wife is beside herself and with good reason , I can't hold a job ! I am 43 and things are looking really scary in 20 years for me . My wife has close to six figure job and I have nothing . I am going to see a physcologist in two days to try and figure out what is wrong and y can't I conform . She had made a statement to me tonight as soon as my kids are old enough she's gone . I know she love me but I would leave me to . She has given me benefit of a doubt but I keep screwing up, and as far as family mine is more than supportive but also hard for me at family functions because of my job history. Again I have no problem working and no complaints at all when I'm there I just get this overwhelming feeling of whatever it is and leave and don't even call .but its like a huge weight off my chest like yes I'm free . I have been depressed my whole life and I knew this 25 years ago I should have sought some help then . I am so emotional that I can't even cry anymore well at least over normal things like the thought of my wife leaving me in 8 years. the empty emotional feelings are there but I can't seem to cry but I can watch a commercial on tv about a guy saving a dog from the water and a waterfall starts coming out of my eyes idk I will post back few days

Mylye - Hang in there. Your situation is different than mine, in that I didn't leave those jobs voluntarily. Nevertheless, deep down inside I am an optimist and believe that there's a plan for all of us. It'll work out for you - you just need to try and remain positive. Keep me posted.

I know exactly how you feel. I graduated from college five years ago and have already worked at five different places. I tend to only stay at jobs for a few months because I get bored easily and I don't enjoy the field I'm in. I told myself that at my last job I would stay no matter what and they ended up writing me up for poor performance. It made me feel like a total loser. I could tell they didn't want me to stay so I ended up quitting. It's been three months and I haven't been able to find anything since. I feel very depressed and get very anxious about working again because I'm afraid I'm going to fail and be fired. I feel very lost, especially when everyone around me has steady jobs and seem to know what they're doing with their life. I also feel that my job hopping has hurt me in being able to find work. No one wants to hire me because they probably think I won't stick around.

Wow, I thought I was alone with this. I have never been let go, but I think I will be because of job performance. I feel so anxious at work and I feel that I always have to defend myself. I mean sure I'm doing the job....but someone is always complaining about me and as a result, I'm being called in to the office, which makes me feel stupid and inadequate. I'm depressed and sad most of the time can't get to sleep. I live alone and can't afford to be let go.

I know exactly how you feel, as I went through the same thing for seven months in 2010. I was in a constant state of anxiety and depression. I finally got out of that terrible state by finding a new job and resigning from the job where I had all the stress. It was probably the hardest thing I ever did in my life, because I loved that job and really thought I'd spend the rest of my working life there. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

Although it still hurts 3+ years later, deep down I know I did the right thing. Life isn't fair, and unfortunately we need to make decisions and choices based on the circumstances we are put in. All I can tell you is you have to determine what is best for you and your overall health. Just remember that it may not be your fault at all, and you can not control many things that happen. But you can try and be proactive and seek new employment and you may end up at a company that values you completely.

All the best, and keep me posted. Hang in there.

I never thought I would get a response to my post. I haven't told any of my friends about what's going on at work, or how I'm really feeling. And here I am expressing my private stuff on line.... wow.

Anyway, thank you so much for your words of understanding. You are completely right that I must do what is best for me and find a company that values me completely. I have never felt valued at work. I work in healthcare and I love it. I'm very caring of people and go above and beyond my duties for patients. ( no not a nurse or doctor). My success I think is customer service. But somehow the complaints keep coming. This depression and anxiety is killing me.

Whoever you are, thanks again and I will keep you posted.

No need to thank me. As I said, I know exactly how you're feeling. When I first posted my story (above) on this site in 2011, I really was feeling suicidal. I never was without feelings of depression or anxiety, and usually both. This site actually helped me a lot, by allowing me to get my feelings out and also by hearing from others and realizing there are a lot of good, caring people out there.

You mention about your friends.... I understand not telling them, because some things are too personal or too painful to share with those we know. However, you may want to consider confiding in at least one very close friend. You may find it very helpful. True friends are there for us no matter what.

Although things seem dark and gloomy right now, just try and be optimistic. Things WILL work out - I promise you. Just hang in there. And definitely keep me posted.

Hello....well things weren't getting any better. The anxiety is over me like a cloud of smoke. I even called in sick, which is something I rarley do. At work...I'm second guessing everything in the attempt not to get into trouble again. What the hell is wrong with me?

Anyway.....my boss is now changing my position to a rather...shall we say....much less challenging one. I'm not sure what to think at this point, but I feel sick, embarrassed and stupid over it all. i just feel like running away. Why can everyone else get it together and not me?

NOTHING is wrong with you. It's just that the place, and/or your boss, is not an ideal fit for you. THINGS WILL GET BETTER - but you may need to change your circumstances first. In other words, you may need to find a new company to work for.

As you know, I completely can sympathize with your thoughts about feeling inferior to others. It's a battle that keeps creeping into my life too. But you HAVE to beat it. KEEP FIGHTING, and keep going. Try your hardest not to let them get you down. Send out resumes, applications, etc. If nothing else, it'll make you feel better because you'll be doing something and being proactive. Please keep fighting, and DON'T beat yourself up. Keep me posted.

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yip im in this situation and trying to find answers .at 17 i did an apprent in tiling at 21 i had enuff money to buy a taxi this kept me going till i was 32.Since then ive drifted out of one career and another .I dont have any problem getting the job infact my qualifications are well above average and experience many and varied its keeping it .i loved my last job the people i worked with and thought i was getting there but a manager said something i said something back in the same light and they took offence so im like stuff yer job ya **** your not my boss never will be .no one has ever critized my work im usually the best but i am starting to get pissed off with my attitude anyone help

I hope you're still with us. I too am suffering. I'm going to be 32 in the next few weeks. I can't keep a job. I can't keep a relationship. I'm all over the place. I too have suicidal thoughts. I don't want to die but it would be so easy to let all this **** go. Please let me know how you have been...

Yes, I am still with us. Since the posting, I found a job that I started in May 2012. I am very happy with the company, and am doing pretty well there. So please, DON'T GIVE UP!!! It DOES get better - you just have to try and stay positive, and keep fighting. If not for yourself, do it for me and all the others that care about you. It's not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. You'll find your niche - keep fighting. And keep me posted. Good luck to you.

I will also be 32 in a couple of weeks and I've had countless jobs since I was 18. I'm a Christian and believe God has a Great plan for my life but have had similar thoughts and feelings as you guys. Depression, suicide thoughts, and just feeling worthless and like a failure. Was married for 10 yrs and had 3 beautiful daughters. I believe this problem was one of the reasons my marriage ended Unfortunately. I don't have a college degree. I was a good student in high school and a good football player and graduated in the middle of my class. After that it seems like I haven't been able to stick with anything. I seem to excel in sales but just can't seem to stay out anywhere. I'm at the end of my rope. Broke, living with buddies and alone. I've met an amazing woman and we fell in love but this problem is already having an effect on our relationship. Praying for a breakthrough!! Any suggestions???

You've got to just hang in there. As I said previously, it does get better. There is something out there for everyone. I am still at the "new" job, and still very happy. Been here almost 1-1/2 years, and really do feel like I fit in. Try and be optimistic.... it will work out.

Keep me posted.

I honestly think I'm not cut out for group homes. I feel like a failure right now cuz yeh I can't hold a job either. I work in the direct care worker field and honestly the job seems to good to be true like all u have to is manage them and give their meds, how fricken simple is that, no certs and seems like anyone can be replaced. The first job okay I was cocky I was late and such so I deserved the axe. The second work me like I worked my *** off even more than those fat ***** will ever be. I locked the doors, I always asked them is there anything else needed of me, I also micro managed and offered to do the harder work because their scared to do it which was medication. I'm so furious that yeh All my friends are growing up without me and even the losers got better lives than I do right now its effing frustrating. Like what kind of reason is not interacting with the patients I Fri Ken make sure their *** is alive by telling them their chores for the day and calling them for dinneriono that seems like interaction to me. I feel like I'm at the bottom right now and ohh yeah I also worked on talking to my superiors of how I feel and that **** Dont work so I'm effig fed the **** up

Hang in there chinablacque. Things will get better. They always do. You have to remain positive..... do it for me.

Wow. I feel less like a loser since i am not the only one. It's hard to find a year round job on Long Island in the restaurant industry, I have bad credit and i have to hear my husband tellimg me all the time how lazy i am. He's had his job for years and has no clue. Everything is online these days, you can't just walk off the street and get hired anymore. And whrn you apply online, no one bothers to call you and you can't call them most times because there's no number, just an email address. I am tired of the name calling. No therapists in our town, so I'm going it alone. You know its bad if you can't even get a job at the local McDonald's...

Man, after reading all the posts I had to respond. I've been dealing with job jumping my entire life. Finding them is not a problem, it's keeping them. The longest job I held is 5 years. I to ask myself why do I quit. I currently work in a very stressful job and am on call 24/7. The money is good but it's taking a toll on my well being. I ask myself what's more important money or well being. We all know the answer to that. Anytime I start a new job I feel like it's not the one for me and the old self doubt kicks in. The feeling of being inadequate at doing something you've never done before starts the ball rolling, and from there it's all down hill. The funny thing is, I have always been complimented on how good of job I'm doing by customers, boss and coworkers. I'm to blame somewhat, you see, I always thought I was a positive thinker but I'm really not. I tend to think about the past and future and if any of you out there are doing the same you're really not living. I am seeking help and hope to find some answers that will help me identify what causes me to bail out. I do not handle pressure very well and tend to get caught up in the vicious cycle of worry, stress, anxiety and panic attacks. A lot of this is self inflicted and becomes so real that there's only one way out, fight or flight. I know there has to be some way of coping with this and that's the answer I'm looking for. Medication does help somewhat, but therapy by a professional is what I'm banking on. Each and ever one of us has stong qualities, different personalities and skills for success. I know what it's like to have multiple jobs. I hate when someone ask me how my job is going and I have to reply I don't work there anymore. Ashamed, embarrassed, humilated are just some of the bad feelings. It's tough being around friends and family most of them have been at their jobs from 10 to 25 years. It's also very hard on my marriage life. My wife doesn't understand and thank god she is the stable one. I've so tired of the way I'm thinking that it has pushed me over the edge and that's why I'm seeking professional help. I wish you all the best and will reply in a few weeks.

I'm in the same boat, you are not alone. Due to the economic execution occurring worldwide caused by the economic downturn caused by bad private gambling in Wall Street, it is not your fault you cannot hold down a job. Employers are treating people as disposable, all for their private gains and profits, so it is not unusual to hear you hate your job and that you cannot climb that ladder. A lot of people are struggling yet swallowing their pride thinking why they can't provide. The answer? Because the odds have been bet against you. To stay on the corporate ladder, you would need the same insane mindset that is promoted by the very people wrecking this earth. You're boss is there promoted because he is a psychopath.

Dude I'm in the same boat! Its not ADHD or AADD it's your intelligence level and your desire to be great, systematically problem solve and seek success. The world is filled with people who can't accept working with others who seek success. Most people just go through the motions and then got lost in the Budweiser or marijuana after work. I've been out of college for 12 years, had one job for 2.5, five jobs over the next 4 years, started and was both successful initially and ultimately a failure at my own enterprise, worked for family for 2.5 years and quit cause I got a colossal muthereffing over a cord on a table saw and some ratty *** company t shirts I had 4 of that I did not wear to work on the day of a steelers home game. Since 2008, I've been colossally unemployed most of the time and lucratively employed in either short term hard to find positions or hired to produce results, produced those results, then been let to after being drained of my intelectual property. I have 5 job offers not in the state where I live, my wife and I cant leave because of her career, and I can't quit our marriage over my lack of ability to keep a job because I truley do love my wife and our daughter. I'm also the same guy who can't hire roofers to put shingles on correctly ( they put them on wrong twice before I climbed up there and did it my self) I can't get auto repairs done right, the put a brand new under warranty manual tranny in my vehicle with no fluid in it then blamed me for draining the fluid so I bought and paid for the second tranny and the fluid with my own <br />
Money and then sued them and won, and the last 4 tires I purchased one of the four was a 70 series and the other 3 were 75 series tires... The world is a ****** up place where money talks, bullshit walks, and people who are very smart and talented and able to do many different things dot function well. Your supposed to take your spot in the production line and **** your mouth and work like a slave and make those rich bastards richer! Remember that our money becomes worthless paper, that all the stupid ***** that have a lot of it wont know how to survive! Me and my 0 debt lifestyle and my 24yo pickup truck and tools and ability to grow my own food and harvest rainwater will eventually win! In the mean time I'm available to contribute in the Pittsburgh pa market to any employer who can give me a results oriented work ethic schedule and a $50-60k + Benifits package....

I have walked out of my last 3 jobs because the walls started to close in on me (I gave 2 weeks notice). But, then I am w/o a job and the depression and stress is almost too much to handle. My family has given up on me which is a shame. I have won awards from most of my employers which makes this so sad for me. I need medical treatment but have no insurance. I pray and sob to God every day.

Palm - The obvious question is - Why did you quit the jobs before securing new employment? Nevertheless, I certainly feel your pain. Still unemployed after four months. Have had some financial help from family, but how long can I keep taking from them? I'm still unsure of what's going to happen, but we do have to keep fighting - you and me both. I'm constantly in a state of depression, but deep inside I try and remain somewhat optimistic that things will somehow work out. A huge part of my problem is that the job I had before my last I actually loved. I really thought I would spend the rest of my working life there. Loved the company, my colleagues, and really enjoyed the work. It's a long story, but I ended up leaving because things very quickly went south. It was the hardest thing I ever did (resigning), but they were going to fire me anyway. And since then, all I keep thinking is how much I miss it there and wish none of that ever happened. I know I need to move on, BUT I CAN'T. I keep thinking the passing of time will lessen the pain, but it hasn't. All I can say, for you and me both, is we need to move on and try and leave the past in the past. Good luck to you. Let me know how it works out.

Wow, your story exactly mirrors mine. I had been at this global company for 17 months. It was absolutely blissful the first 12 months. When I interviewed, there were 900 applications for 2 spots and I got one of the positions. I was in heaven for the first year. Our company was fairly new in the U.S. and we didn't have many employees so I had to wear many hats which I was willing to do. My boss was very happy with my performance. I worked so hard the first year but I knew in my heart that I had to bring it down to 2nd or 3rd gear if I were to make it long term. I had planned on retiring from this company. I had good pay and excellent benefits. I was on a role. The pressure got to me so bad in the Fall of 2011 that one day I gave 2 weeks notice. Things went from "great" and "blissful" to not so good very quickly. As you said things went south quickly.

I have been w/o work for 3 months and I cry and struggle every day. I pine for my job and it is surreal to me that I actually quit when a year ago I was so happy. It is like another person was quitting for me and then I woke up from my stupor and can't believe that I quit like that. I need to move on too but I can't.

I think there were several reasons why I had a meltdown and quit as follows:

1. The stress levels were through the roof
2. I was vulerable because of a depressive slide?
3. My boss was attracted to me (he was married) and this made me feel uncomfortable although I was wildly attracted to him but married men are so off limits to me. He was European so an affair would have been no problem for him but it would have been a problem for me.
4. This may sound stupid but there was a crematorium next door and I would see black smoke coming out of the building roof when bodies were being burned. I also saw the bodies being brought in in the morning. I think on a subconscious level I wanted to get away from that.
5. I couldn't stand this guy that I worked with. He didn't like women and he was a total *******. Why couldn't I look the other way?
6. Do I mess life up when things are going too well? Is it self-infliction?

I don't know but I am trying to find the answers within myself.

Please note that I am a walker and I get out and walk 5 miles at a time. This helps when I am super down. I also am on a vitamin plan that helps me to sleep at night. Seratonin building supplements. I sleep so good which helps. When I worked at my company I woke up 10 times a night. I am optimistic about the future but I have my moments where I don't want to get out of bed. I am a degreed professional women who has alot going for her.

Hang in there and let me know your progress! Your story touched me and I wanted to cry reading it as I see myself in your story although I don't have children our spouse to be worried about (thank God).

Stay positive, exercise and do positive affirmations and visualizations. We are what we think about all day long.

I am interested in how your story turns out.

~ Cheryl ~

Looking: I also read this in the past few months:

&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; All those who wander are not lost &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;

Take a moment to reflect on this. Perhaps you haven't found your calling yet. What hobbies do you enjoy? Can you turn it into a business? What is your passion? You may be the more creative type and an office setting in corporate America is not the answer for you.

~ Cheryl ~

Cheryl - I am so sorry it took so long for my reply. I just now saw your posts. Don't know how I missed notifications I must have received back in early February. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful posts.

First of all, you have very valid reasons for quitting that job. Every one of them makes perfect sense. Don't beat yourself up.

As for me, I am actually starting a new job (finally) next Monday. It's been a long, very tough seven months. By far this has been the hardest and saddest seven-month period in my life.

I am scared that I may fail at the new job, because like I said, I have failed many times before. I wish I could put my finger on why, but I honestly can't. I am trying to stay positive, but it is difficult. But I know I need to - so I really am trying.

Please let me know how things are going with you. You sound like a bright, and caring individual. The world needs you.

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Hello everyone I am 46 year old Desk top support technician I have been in this role for 7 years now for most of my working career I was in the construction role as a carpenter electrical worker even back then I kept getting fired for one reason or the next I could never seem to hold down a job in that field either seemingly the formans and supervisors just automatically disliked me I cant tell anymore how many jobs I have had so I decided that I wanted to change my career so this is when I got into the computer world but after 7 years in the field here I am again today I was just let go for what ever reason it was my dream job 60k a year starting out 3 weeks in I am unemployed again on top of that I am going through divorce it just seems as though when it comes to working I will never be able to be successful on any job I want to work for myself now I am just tired of constant failure I cant keep a job long enough to pay my bills my credit has went to shreds I cant maintain a relationship with anyone as I cant help myself I am really tired

Hang in there. Things have GOT TO improve. Good luck to you.

I too appreciate reading these stories. It helps me to think I'm not totally abnormal. I have always prided myself in my work and held the same job for 11 years until the company shut down. Now...I can't keep a job. I am devestated every time and this time was no different. I have cried for two weeks and felt like such a loser. I'm not sure what to do at this point. It seems like people like me to begin with ... then they end up hating me. Others say that is in my head...but I don't htink so. I am so down. I am quiet and keept to myself, mind my own business, do what I'm told, work lots of overtime (even when not asked to) and then BAM. I have no where to turn and wish I would fade into the darkness. depression is obvious i guess. I suck.


Thanks for sharing your story. Please don't say you suck - I find myself CONSTANTLY thinking of myself as a complete loser..... but when I hear someone else like you think negative thoughts about yourself, it really upsets me. Please have faith - this too shall pass. You will one day find your true calling and true passion. You have to hang in there.....DO IT FOR ME IF NOT FOR YOURSELF!

Totally feel ya. I'm 45, and have been fired 20-30 times since age 16. During youth I could flee from city to city, from province to province, from country to country, from profession to profession, always building new bridges where the old ones were burned. But it's becoming impossible to keep up that pace. I have no dependants, but I'm not even sure I can depend on myself any more. I've been fired for every single reason in the book, slowness often comes up, but there are also a gazillion contradictory reasons, sometimes too bitchy, sometimes not bitchy enough, sometimes impunctual, sometimes not, sometimes too fast, sometimes not, sometimes too error-prone, sometimes not, sometimes too careful, sometime not careful enough, sometimes too attentive, sometimes too lax. I have a bachelor's degree in biology which is entirely useless, and several years of university courses in business admin, languages, biochemistry, surveying... I'm trilingual, have travel experience, am extremely flexible. I've occupied nearly every profession except lawyer, doctor, engineer. I fail at intellectual jobs as much as I fail at no-education-required jobs. Bosses absolutely hate 100 % of me. Yet my co-workers generally like me. I am non competitive, extremely hard-working, don't take smoking breaks, creative, friendly, smiling. I have tried all the combinations, NONE work. I have come to a point in my life where I have lost ALL my self confidence, I don't know how I'll make it to tomorrow.

Northern - Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story. It does sound like we have a lot in common. I really wish I had some answers so we could BOTH benefit, but I really am at a loss.

Unlike you, I have dependents. To be honest, though, many times I wish I didn't. This way, I wouldn't have to watch loved ones suffer for my inadequacies and failures. I often think if I had no wife and children, I would just take a job pumping gas and live in a shack. But as I said, I have to provide for them.

Please hang in there, and please update me once in a while on how you're doing. I am currently pursuing becoming a teacher, because I have always liked working with children, and I hope that I'll succeed by changing direction in my life. One thing I know is I have to get out of the corporate failure rut I've been in for far too long. Have you thought of teaching? With your background in biology, it might be something worth looking into. Let me know.

Along with a good job, you need support groups, social groups, and friends to keep you in check. Many people try things on their own, like they know it all, but you don't, and losing a job is the result one. Don't forget those that help you and honor them more than yourself and you will be surprise how better life really is.<br />
I work five days a week, yet attend chuch, belong to five groups and listen to people about me. I adjust and make my family work together to make ends meet.<br />
Good luck in your next job.


Thanks for the advice. You are definitely correct in that friends and others are needed for support. I have been reaching out to them, and it definitely helps. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post.