Can't Keep A Job

I've been struggling pretty much forever trying to hold on to a job. I've got a degree in education but just can't seem to figure things out.
My last job is gone because I was a preschool teacher and a child got out of line and hid behind the toy shelf. I was sick that day and even told my supervisor that i was sick. Well, 4 hrs later, I had taken the children to the bathroom and when i got back there was the child in the toyshelf. I understand that's unacceptable but my point is I should have been relieved earlier by someone. Doesn't matter now anyway. I'm seen as a terrible person who left a child . Well, this job was not good anyway as it was a temporary position and they didn't pay me for any holidays and I couldn't earn any sick time . Anyway, here i am . All I know is I'm tired of trying. Seems like I'm getting nowhere. any advi
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1 Response Mar 28, 2012

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i empathize with your situation as i am going through the same thing. My only advise to you is start over. look for work you enjoy and do it in-spite of the pay. my new strategy is to do any type of job that demand less stress and more independence. i am thinking that less stress at work more happy person.. so far it has worked. hang in there