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I'm Tired Of Filling Out Applications

the longest job i have held was about two years. either i get fired or i resign. then i feel as if i've exuasted all of my opportunities because when i try to apply for another one they always ask me where i worked last and if i got fired i can;t put down that job then they wanna know why such a big gap...
SentimentalMood SentimentalMood 36-40, F 6 Responses May 4, 2012

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I've been in the same boat and have had times where it took months to find work. I know how it feels.

lol I just want to know why you keep getting fired or why you quit? other than when I was a kid, I hold my jobs for at least 6yrs to 14 yrs

i hear ya! i have filled out so many that i know the addresses and phone numbers of my last employers without even looking at them. The thing with the gap is hard too. i have been saying the truth- that i have been taking care of my senior mother who is ill. it works. they really understand that.

I hate job hunt as well, I hate they always ask why I left the previous jobs in the interview, I am not a liar and no social skills, it's hard for me to not tell the truth. I want to find a job that I can stay long, it's gonna be hard but I have to try. Some work is better than no work.

I am going through the same thing right now. I am going to try saying I worked for my parents for the last two years.. in the family business. We'll see if it works! haha

I know the experience, and after years and years of it i now dont apply for jobs and have to fill my time another way swimming against the tide of societal approval.

yes i do know. it's hard.