Looking For A Job I Can Stay At....

i have not found a niche for work for a few yrs. now. i seem to deal with hateful people....so sad and so depressed over it. i feel worthless and alone with jobs and work. i hate myself for this.
Missyroo Missyroo
4 Responses May 19, 2012

Yup , Definately hear ya. People are miserable more these days, because they bring their drama to work half the time. They don't focus on their job and they blame you for everything. I just got out of a drama-workplace TODAY! They don't know quite yet, but I'm not going back ever!!!!

there was a time that i was too restless to stay with one job. the longest i could hold on to a job was a year now, i'm staying with a company for almost two years but i'm planning to quit when my contract ends however, i realized it's not something i should be worried about since there are so many things to learn. instead of focusing on the negativities, we can try to use this as a stepping stone and as a guide to look for the one where we can truly fit it :) all will be well, you can do it!

oh, i am sorry for your situation also. i agree we should be encouraged. i have a husband and 1 son and my husband totally doesnt understand me at all. my son is 13 and a super great kid, just getting into that teenage moody stuff....i feel like running away and it seems like everything i say is taken all wrong right now! thank you for the great message. i am putting your words "Be Encouraged" on my computer screen today. i like that u can encourage me like that! i hope u have a ok sunday and i wish for u to be ecouraged as well. take-care and very sincerely, melissa

Miss Roo,<br />
Don't beat yourself up. Have you tried visualizing what your ideal work conditions would be? Just a thought. Don't hate yourself, in fact, use your frustrations to propel you out of where you are...if you can. Trust me, I am writing this as an underemployed divorced mother of 1 child that I am sending to live with her grandparents because mommy can't take care of her. <br />
<br />
Be encouraged.<br />
You are not alone