Us and Themo

 Today whilst laying in my bed recovering from a rather awful stomach operation, I lazily looked at my mobile (which had been on silent) to see I had a message. Great, one of my adoring, caring friends most likely wishing me a speedy recovery no doubt ! - um.... nope a text message from my recruitment agency saying call urgently you are no longer required to work at *&^(%$ Ltd.  Yes, a text, a text message to tell me that the company I was contracted to for the next 5 months after 8 weeks had decided they no longer needed me.  One day I had a glamorous job organising an amazing festival the next there I was in my sick bed minus 1 gall bladder and 1 glamorous job ! Bad luck you might think, but this isn't the first time this has happened to me..........tbc

bendrix bendrix
Jun 6, 2008