I Am Not Social.

I hate customer service. I am an introvert. In order to keep a job in customer service you need to be a flaming extrovert. I just need to make money... I need my independence like everyone else. I am a 20 year old student trying to break through my high school classes in adult education and finally start art classes in College. I want to move out with my boyfriend. I don't want to talk with folks. I would do twice the work if I didn't have to play stupid with stupid people. This is not me. No where near. Especially in this town of hicks. Sigh...

It's this social stress that gets me kicked out every time. I am just not made for this. And it seems the mask I keep, the role I play, the efforts I make... they are not enough. It will never be enough. I am damned. Eternally. Thank you and goodnight.
Tiffygabrielle Tiffygabrielle
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2012

Thanks.for your rant.. it made me feel a bit better. Got sacked today from a customer service job. I feel the same. Its just not for us honey. Let the other arse lickers do it.