Im Scared To Get A Real Job

I have been out of the work place for 8 years. I just am terrified i will be the oddball, i will chicken out and not go in, my anxieties may act up,...things along that line. So how have i been supporting myself? I work online as a webcam "model" is a more proffesional way to say it and i HATE it. It makes me more anxious,there are very weird men on there. The only thing i like about it is i can stay home, i love to stay home, and i get a check everyweek. If i had the guts and worked on there like an 8 hr. shift i would probably make about $1500/week.. but i really need to try and work a regular job, but now i have no work history and the employers will wonder what i have been doing with myself for years, im stuck.
middleagewoman middleagewoman
Sep 24, 2012